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I know that there are many similar mods like this one. And you might ask: "what is original in this mod?" How about, that this mod adds 30 types of Quicksands? That naturally generate around whole world. And if you don't like any one particular type, you can toggle it's generation off in the config file.

What mod is contain:

  • 30 types different Quicksands with its naturally generations.
  • 4 Mobs Slimes, that only want to devour you if you will be too careless.
  • New Structure - Desert Tombs, that contain many useful loots but also have dangerous traps.
  • Ultimate Covering System that covers every players and shows how dirty they will looks after taking an bath in an types. This System is compatible with most Animation Mods, but also it's switchable option.
  • Unlike other mods you can swim under surface of Quicksand without any risk of taking damage, but when you would out of breath you will start dying in it. Because Quicksand is not Water you can't use any Water Breathing stuff in it. This is also switchable option.
  • Stuff/Items/Tools that increase your chance successful hiking without being a victim of deadly nature traps, as:
    • Long Stick - using as walking stick for testing grounds in front you.
    • Wading Boots - that allow you walking on swampy surface without worrying (Almost ;) )
    • Life Jacket - that gives you additional buoyancy.
    • Rope and Grappling Hook - that allow you get out of some sticky situations or help other players.
    • Possibility for interactivity, grabbing and rescuing players or living-things by hands.

The main reason that I developed this mod is that the standard types of quicksand, like the ones in BiomeOPlenty have cobweb physics. That means that if you're stuck in it, you have to dig the blocks under you, before you hit solid ground. Also you can fly away or use a hook, teleport or something else. But this is too boring and annoying!

In contrast of this, my Quicksand has a more complex structure that is described below.

If you found any bugs or else (grammar mistakes included) please inform me about that, I will fix them later.

Before 1.0.5:

  • Mod is compatible with Biomes O' Plenty 1.2.1 (Other versions aren't tested), and override some blocks such as Mud and Quicksand.

After 1.0.5:

  • Mod is compatible with Biomes O' Plenty 2.1.0 (Other versions aren't tested), and override generation of some blocks such as Mud and Quicksand. Warning: If BOP is installed you have to use BOPs world type, else generation of Quicksand will not work correctly.

Solving an problems:

The main error with mod can be because conflict of DataWatchers.
Error can be solved by:

  • If you have any crash-report with text like: "Error initializing XXX System. Muddy YYY DataWatcher ID conflict: ZZ", please change "Muddy YYY DataWatcher ID" in config from "ZZ" to number between 20-31, and try again.
  • Covering System may conflict with Custom Player Model Mod's, please turn-off it before playing.
  • You can turn-off any System that throws you errors.
  • For correct working in MP server config and client configs should be same!
  • If no-one of this tips has not helped, please report me about your problem, with crash-report. I will read this, and explain what you should do.

Modpack's politic:

Fully free to use. You can use my mod in any modpacks ^_^


Every Quicksand block has original properties, colourful texture, sound effects, generation and physics.

There are 4 main parameters that controls the behavior of any type of Quicksand:

  • Thickness:
    • Controls the speed of sinking into stuff. The thicker it is the slower the sinking speed.
    • Ex: Very High - Very slow sinking.
  • Viscosity:
    • Controls horizontal speed in the stuff. The higher the viscosity the slower movement speed is.
    • Ex: Very High - Very slow movement speed.
  • Suction power:
    • Controls how harder you must pull to get out of the stuff. The greater the suction power the harder it is to get out.
    • There is horizontal suction when suction power greater than [b]Average[/b], which does not allow you to move in the stuff.
    • Ex: Very High - Very powerful suction.
  • Solidity:
    • Controls whether you can stand on the surface or not.
    • Yes - can stand on the surface almost without sinking (without sinking like on the Moors surface).
    • Partially - can stand on the surface but slowly sinking.
    • No - can't stand on the surface, immediately sinking.

The mechanics of my Quicksand is not very simple. But here are some tips for surviving in it:

  • If you're stuck in the Quicksand but not too deep (knee deep or less), you can just jump out of it. But be careful! When you land you can sink deeper than you were before.
  • You can to force you sink deeper by tapping crouch button (Before 1.0.8) or turning around, but that isn't what are you want, isn't it? ;)
  • Keep in mind, that all stuff which you have in inventory or wear weights you and drags you down much faster. If you want planning to across an pit be sure to not have too many stuff with you. (Since 1.0.8)
  • Boots and legs armor are good for protection you, but could become worst issue while struggling in the deep mire. Most of types lock you in place immediately once your boots sunk under the quicksand.
  • Don't try to dig the Quicksand, it's almost futile. If you're near solid ground you can try to dig that, and if Suction of Quicksand is not too strong you can try to get out into the empty space, that you dug.
  • If you're stuck deeper than knee deep, you can try to struggling by tapping jumps button, but in the some types of Quicksands you only will sink deeper. If you will work hard and you are lucky, you can get out of this.
  • If you're sinking in Quicksand don't move without the need. Any your movement will just pull you deeper. (In some types this effect is very strong) Be calm, you may have time (or not) before you will go under. If you are not alone try to call for help, they can dig you out or pull you out by using Hook or Rope.
  • If you have an Rope or Hook in your inventory, use it immediately. Do not waste time, in some types this is unforgivable. Remember, your Hooks and Ropes have a certain durability, it's keep a more than one Rope in your inventory.
  • Test the ground in front of you with Long Stick. Always bring it, both to use in case you become stuck, but also to tap the ground in front of you as you walk. The few seconds a Long Stick could save you could be the difference between a messy wrestling match with a pool of Quicksand and a safe hike.
  • You can use Life Jacket that gives you additional buoyancy in some watery sort of quicksand. But be careful, Life Jacket not guarantee your safety in quicksand that does not watery or with deadly suction.
  • Just try to avoid Quicksand (or the more dangerous of its types). If you don't fall into it, you will not need to get out. ^_^

Full description:


I made some video's about my mod.
PS: Yep, I am doesn't use microphone, just please ignore that.

If anybody want help with Wikia and translation let's do this!
I will be very very glad! ^_^

Just write a comment here with attached lang-file with your language.

At now we have 2 languages:

  • English
  • Russian (Thanks to CrishNate and DmytroCT)

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