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More Fuels Mod


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1.7.0 - The Long-Awaited Update




What this Mod Offers:

  • The ability to use many items as furnace fuel.
  • Fun additional fuel related items and blocks for you to play around with!
  • The ability to smelt rotten flesh into the leather. (Enabled by default but can be disabled from config)
  • A full list of burnable items and their burn times in ticks and seconds is available.


Check Out Our Official Wiki = Click Here


Items + Burn Times:

Burn Times for 1.14.4 can be found on the GitHub here

  • Burn Times for MC 1.11-1.8 have been migrated to the wiki. They will no longer be available on github. Please check there.
  • MC 1.7   = Click Here
  • MC 1.6   = Click Here

Minecraft Versions:

  • 1.6.4 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.7.2 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.7.10 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.0 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.8 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2
  • 1.8.9 Support is currently in Release 1.3.2 AND BETA RELEASE 1.5.2 (Available on GitHub)
  • 1.9.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.10.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.11.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.1
  • 1.12.x Support is currently in Release 1.6.2
  • 1.14.4 Support is currently in Release 1.7.0


  • Thanks to CurseForge's built-in modder compensation system, I have decided to cease the use of ADF.LY links, at the request of users! Please use the green download button in the top right corner!

Future Plans:

  • Make a random poison effect when smelting rotten flesh into leather because fumes for v1.8+ of the mod -Suggested by Saffroth
  • Make mod add-ons for mods to allow those mods to have improved/logical fuels as well. -Suggested by BritneyMc0206.
  • Make a furnace block or some kind of metadata storage based container as opposed to the fuel pellet system which can be clunky.
  • Slimoline saturated block that burns like netherrack

Known Bugs in Current Stable Release Version:

About the Developer (boredherobrine13):

  • I am an aspiring developer/CS Major (19 years old).
  • I am very open to constructive criticism.
  • New to Minecraft modding.
  • Contacts: Snapchat: boredherobrine1 Discord: Captain Bored#7227 E-Mail:
  • Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, requests, or just to chat about anything.

Mod Packs:

  • I have no issue with this mod being used in a mod pack but please let me know before doing so and properly credit me in the pack.
  • FAQ PAQ by milomaz1: Here
  • Rainbow Pink by Sarainia_KR_Angelsong: Here


  • If you use this mod on your server, send me a message or post and I will list the name and IP below!

YouTube Showcases:

  • I have no issues with YouTube features but please let me know and credit me in the video verbally and in the details. Post a link and I will come and check out the video.
  • Known Spotlights: 







Open Source:

  • Source code is hosted on GitHub. Commits are appreciated. Also, I request that you commit or suggest changes rather than just forking it if you feel major changes need to be made, I am open to ideas :)
  • Community help is greatly appreciated and major contributions will earn you a place in the credits for at least that major version.
  • My source code is vastly different for many of the versions. While it would be possible to have a single repo with different branches for each version, I have found it easier to simply have multiple working code bases due to the vast majority. There are two totally different rewrites of the mod. So essentially 3 code bases rather than one that works across them all. This is due to my efforts to back port updates and keep up with the current development of Minecraft and major forge API changes.

GitHub Source:

MC 1.14.4 = Click Here


Development Builds:

  • Development builds are now available on GitHub!
  • Current Dev builds are only available for the latest version of Minecraft (1.12.x)
  • These builds are buggy and incomplete!
  • Builds are not approved by CurseForge, and I accept no liability for any crashes/issues they may cause.
  • If you use the Dev builds I strongly request that you report bugs, as it helps make my job a lot easier.

Dev Builds:

  • No Dev Builds Currently Available, sorry! Will update when/if the situation there changes.






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