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For Forge


The More Dogs mod aims to add more life to Minecraft by adding more dog breeds to the game. The dogs will behave similar to Wolves and special functionality for different breeds is planned.

Different breeds of dogs can be found in different biomes. They can be tamed with bones and can be bred with any raw meat. Raw meat also heals dogs health. Their health can be monitored by looking at their tail, if their tail is lower than usual it means they are low on health.




TO-DO List 

- Great Dane

- Doberman Pinscher

- Rotweiler

- Yorkshire

- Sheepdog

- Fox Terrier

- Boxer

- Tibetan Mastiffs

- Basset Hound

- Bulldog

- Bernese Mountain Dog


I am planning on giving dogs special functionality and of course more breeds. Comment below any suggestions or breeds you want me to make!