More Bundles!

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More Bundles!

This mod adds many new features to the vanilla bundle!


Feature List

  • Re-added the bundle recipe. It now accepts either rabbit hide or leather
  • Vanilla bundles are now dyeable
  • Four new bundle variants: Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite. These have a default capacity of 2, 4, 8, and 16 stacks respectively
  • The capacity of bundles can now be altered through the MaxBundleStorage NBT tag
  • The contents of bundles can now be hidden through the BundleContentsHidden NBT tag
  • The bundle tooltip is now the same as the one showcased in Minecraft Live 2020 (WIP)
  • Large bundles can store four times as many items as their regular counterparts but only of a single type
  • The absorb enchantment makes all items picked up by the player automatically go into the bundle
  • The extract enchantment will automatically refill the players hand with items from the bundle (Currently only works when placing blocks)
  • Added some support for bundles to loot tables
  • Interact with bundles through redstone with the bundle loader
  • Modify and add bundles with the config.


For more in depth explanations look to the Github Wiki.

Upcoming Features

  • Toggle tooltip type (Vanilla/Minecraft Live)
  • Forge Port? (Am currently working on this)
    Feel free to suggest any other features!


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