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Future updates will be under a different mod, as mcreator is currently not allowing me to edit anything except for procedures, you will be able to use the other mod on its own, but for the best experience, use this mod and the new one together.

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Basic Info


More Biomes aims to add more biomes to the game. there are currently 24 biomes. These biomes aim to improve your exploration and give you more building materials such as new wood types. If you have any biome or dimension suggestions, let me know in the comments.




Haunted Woods

A dangerous place inhabited by large convents of witches and their undead minions, witches can spawn here during the day making the biome dangerous at all times and Haunted Houses can be found here. There is 1 new kind of wood and a new flower, also anyone else feel like they are being watched?



A biome similar to the jungle, but more diversity among plants, 2 new kinds of wood can be found here, along with many new flowers!



Biome covered in ash from ancient volcanic eruptions, very little life here, advised to come here prepared as you cant grow food due to poor fertility and animals wont spawn here. 1 new wood type and two new plants can be found here.


Mystical Grove (WIP)

A very Magical Biome, that seems to allure any traveller that comes across it, this has led to many travellers meeting their end in this magical wonderland. 1 new wood type can be found here. 


Cypress Plains

This biome, while not as mystical or vibrant as others, offers quite a relaxing experience for anyone who stumbles upon it as it offers a nice place to settle down. this biome adds 1 new wood type


Battleground (WIP)

This biome is a result of ancient battles fought long ago, while at one point these places were mostly devoid of life, now they are a flourishing oasis of cherry trees and flowers because of the amount of nutrients absorbed into the soil, However relics of these ancient battles remain as a reminder of the horrors of war. These biomes offer travellers a new wood type and tranquillity from their problems.


Mutated Pine Forest (WIP)

This biome is the perfect example of the damage radiation can do to ecosystems. The biome is a result of there being too much uranium in the ground, which caused the biome to develop a unique ecosystem of plants that act like leeches, sucking the life out of other plants around them. this biome offers travellers a new kind of wood (and a soon to be added surprise feature!). its not advised to stay here long.


Pine Forest

This biome is similar to the mutated pine forest in most ways except they don't have the large amounts of uranium, which means they haven't mutated, and are still in good condition. this biome doesn't offer much different from its mutated counter part other than the fact uranium doesn't spawn here.


Moore (WIP)

This Biome is perfect for those who want a nice scenic view of the country side as it offers hills (and will add more plants in the future). this biome currently doesnt offer anything more than that



Boreal Forest

A cold biome with boreal pines, this biome is the perfect place to go camping or to build a small wooden cabin. Offers the Player a new wood type (and in the future, berries!)



This Biome is similar to the rainforest with one exception, rainforest trees don't spawn here at all, and palm trees spawn a lot more commonly, making the biome a great place for those who want more palm wood


Highlands (WIP)

This biome is a colder version of the moore biome, with oak trees spawning occasionally, this biome doesn't offer much at the moment, but will be updated at some point in the future.


Lush Desert

This Biome is the typical desert with more plant life in it, this biome  adds in 3 new plants and a new wood type.


Snowy Boreal Forest

This biome is a Boreal forest but snowy, also berries and other plants found in the boreal forest don't grow here.

Flowering Forest

This tropical Biome is full of flowering trees, palm trees generate here as well and are as common as they are in rainforests, not much is added apart from flowering leaves.


Withered Forest (WIP)

This biome was once the most beautiful place imaginable, then a ancient ritual summoned an evil unknown who's power withered the land around him, now only the husks of the past remain here, small cabins can be found here, and serve as a reminder that nowhere is safe from evils cold embrace. This biome has 1 new wood type.


Autumn Forest

Also known as "the Forest of Fire" by travellers, this place is one of the most glorious to come across, even though it doesn't have any magical properties or amazing mountains to find. Its leaves attract the attention of travellers from miles away, and make for quite the nice meditation place.


Infertile Wastes

This place did at one point, have life, but at one unknown point in history, this place started to die. This biome offers 1 new wood type


Forsaken Forest

This place was at one point a regular forest, then a major affliction began to spread across the land, making the biome what it is today. This biome adds 1 new wood type.


Lively Savannah

This biome is literally just a greener savannah, I don't know what more you want me to say.


Autumn Birch Forest

This biome is just a autumn forest but with lots of birch trees, not much else to say.


Dead Forest

same as Infertile Wastes, but its a forest instead.


Tropical Flower Plains

It's essentially the tropical flower forest, but without the trees, also oak trees grow here


Flood Plains

A version of the plains that has lots of lakes and not a lot of hills (they look really good when next to mountains or any body of water such as rivers, oceans, etc.)


Known Issues

  • Cause of the code used to generate trees, trees can spawn in weird ways such as a weird looking pine tree, this will be fixed eventually, but please wait till I find out a way to fix this, it doesnt affect the game in any way other than looking ugly though, so its not a priority at the moment.

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