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Download additional Chubby Tummies resource pack (1.18.2+):


Download additional Cottagecore Edition resource pack (1.18.2+):


Newest 1.18 and 1.19 versions require Geckolib!

Note: in update all monster girls can now be set to stay or follow by right clicking on them while sneaking

Monsters & Girls is a pretty simple mod that adds some cute mobs.

-Currently mod adds 12 mushroom girl variants (2 out of them are rare variants of warped and crimson ones)


Brown Red  Yellow Ink Cap


CrimsonWarped Soul Wanderer Rare CrimsonRare Warped Infernal Molten


Ender Puffball Girl

-There are two new Nether fungi: Soul Wanderer and Molten Fungus

-One Ender mushroom: Ender Puffball

-They also provide new wood types

-One Overworld mushroom: Ink cap

-Mushroom Gals can rarely spawn big mushrooms which can be used either as a decoration or turned into hats on crafting table

(1.16.5)  By right-clicking a mushroom gal with a jar in main hand, you can catch her and place as a decoration in your house.
Right-clicking the jar will turn it back into an item, while punching it, will release the monster girl

Note: Ink Cap can not be caught in a jar

In 1.18.2, Jars were replaced with beds.

-If you can't find the mushroom gal you want, you can craft Genesis Powder, using a Warped Fungus, Bonemeal and a Golden Apple.
Right-click on a fungus while holding it, to turn it into a mushroom gal


Spawns in forests, flower forests and meadows. if you find a mandrake plant on ground, use bonemeal to summon the mob.
They can bless you with various effects if you feed them. If you tame them, feed them:
-cookies for regeneration
-Bone meal for strenght
-Clay for luck
-Water for health boost
Don't hit them though because their scream will give you a lot of negative effects

Fruity mandragora

Fruity Mandragora
-Can be found in structures generating on top of Lush Caves and in Flower Forest
-tamed with Glow Berries
-Can plant Glow Berry Bushes on any solid block if light level equals zero
-They can bless you withmany effects. If you tame them, feed them:
•glow berries for regeneration night vision 👁️
•Bone meal for strenght 💪
•Clay for luck 🍀
•water bucket for haste ⛏️
-Hitting one causes them to scream and give you tons of negative effects.

Blue Wisp Green WispYellow Wisp


-Can be found in Dark Forest, Dark Forest Hills and Swamp
-Will follow you if you have a Golden Nugget/Ingot/Block in hand
-Blue drops Diamond, Green drops Emerald, Yellow drops Gold when killed
-Wisps can insta-kill Vexes and deal additional damage to undead mobs.


-(Update 1.3.1) Can spawn when breaking Urns without silk touch.

-Rare pink variant can also spawn, this one can be tamed with melon, sweet berries or spectral cake. (designed by CalamityCentral)
-Tamed with Spectral Cakes
-Follows you with Soul Lantern in hand
-Wild ones are HOSTILE
-Makes attacked mobs levitate when tamed


slime girl

Blue Slime girl

-can be found in tower structure, generating in dark forests
-tamed with slimeballs
-can swallow every mob that is not bigger and wider than 2 blocks
-swallowing a mob gives her temporary regeneration, instant healing and absorbtion effects

Gourdragora XL Gourdragora M Gourdragora S

-Can be found in Plains and Sunflower Plains
-Inflicts slowness, poison, nausea and weakness on enemies when damaged.
-tamed with cake and bonemeal
-when health drops to 3 or less, receives regeneration
-comes in 3 sizes
-bigger ones are rarer


Jack'o Gourdragora XL Jack'o Gourdragora M Jack'o Gourdragora S

Jack'o Gourdragora
-Can be found in Dark Forest, only during October
-Inflicts slowness, poison, nausea and weakness on enemies when damaged.
-sets enemies on fire
-tamed with cake and candies
-when health drops to 3 or less, receives regeneration
-comes in 3 sizes
-bigger ones are rarer

Special Thanks:
-Some mobs' animations were added thanks to Nerdy's GeckoLib Plugin

-Taiwanese translation by 三尾木木犬 

-Oficial Fabric port by MSymbios can be downloaded here:

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