Monke Madness

8,905 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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Logo By V1CeNtExD

This mod will add primates which will do many unique things like throwing stuff and tamable wonders, this is a work in progress,it adds interesting blocks and items which do many things like poison,and other effects

This mod adds 18 Primates from all around the world, but more will be added.


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many things, some items on this image are not currently added


All of the Primates in the mod, including babys \/

 Orangutan ^

Uakari ^

Proboscis Macaque ^

Zombie Ape ^

Mandrill ^

Hamadryas Baboon ^

Rhesus Macaque ^

Gelada ^

Gibbons ^

Gigantopithecus ^

Ring Tailed Lemurs ^

Tarsiers ^

Bonobo ^

Tamarins ^

Japanese Macaque ^

Baboons ^

Crested Celebes Macaque ^

Slow Loris ^

Howler Monkeys ^

All Mob Textures were done by FedeRex







Fabric Please - No plans atm.


Backport 1.12.2 Or 1.15 - No I only go forward in version.


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