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Mom's Love


Death is an essential part of the game,
But from simple tombstones to teleport back to the site of death to simply dying without dropping, the game seems to be heading toward the point of no return.
There are always server managers or modpack authors who don't turn on keepInventory for whatever reason, but there are also players who need special attention -- "I'm dead again :(((".
To protect them, the model was born!
This mod will bring the mother's love to certain players in the server, even if keepInventory is set to false, they can still enjoy death without dropping.
When the player says certain keywords set, the mother's protection is triggered. 


Give love:

  /mom love <playerName>


Let him live on his own:

  /mom unlove <playerName>


Add keywords:

  /mom keys add <keywords>


Remove keywords:

  /mom keys del <keywords>