Momentum is an enchantment that serves as a vanilla style ore vein miner, as well as a way to allow instamining of any breakable block.

  • Treasure enchantment found in Jungle Temples, Strongholds, Abandoned Mineshafts, Dungeons, End Cities, and Villager Trades - not available from the enchantment table.
  • Mutually exclusive with Efficiency - you can't have both on the same tool.
  • Tools enchanted with it will speed up when the same block is mined, only resetting the speed when a different block is mined.
  • This does not happen when a block is partially mined, or naturally breaks instantly, though the speed changes accordingly.
  • Without Haste 2, no blocks after the first (8 * hardness^0.5) blocks can be instamined - this is around 13 for ores, and 56 for obsidian.
  • The rate of speedup is proportional to (2^-hardness), so around 7 for ores and 54 for obsidian to reach instamine (for netherite tier)


I developed this mod to practice design iteration, so I'd love feedback about:

  • How it feels
  • Any bugs
  • Situations where you think it is underpowered or overpowered
  • When and how you used it
  • Or any other relevant information.


This mod needs the latest version of Blueprint, and works for 1.16.4+


No, I will not backport this or develop it for Fabric. You can though!

And yes, you can use this in your modpack. Just make sure to give credit.


Discord server: https://discord.gg/KA3GCSD5YH