Modular Systems


Mod Requirements

  • NeoForge only, version 20.4.72-beta or above
  • Nucleus (see dependencies) 3.1 or above

Mod Summary

Modular Systems implements multi-block (Cuboid) structures that inherit various properties based on what they're constructed out of. The theme and design of Modular Systems is modularity.



Cuboid Multi-block structures were a founding principle design of Modular Systems (Formerly Modular Furnaces). Instead of only forming a multi-block out of modded blocks, the mod allows the player to use material blocks in forming the Cuboid that can have various effects on the speed and fuel efficiency of the final assembled multi-block. This allows most systems to scale with the natural progression the player will have while playing Minecraft. As the player collects higher-end rare materials (diamonds, redstone, etc), they can upgrade their systems for better performance by swapping out blocks that form the Cuboid construction.

Forming a Cuboid

Form a Cuboid

Pictured above is the standard 3x3x3 (minimum size) Cuboid. You can form any sized Cuboid as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Top & Bottom Layers must be solid
  • Center Layers must be hollow past the one (1) block ring forming the outer parameter
  • Core Block of the system being constructed is placed in [one of] the center layer(s) <br><br>

As such, a 5x5x5 Modular Furnace

Form a 5x5x5 Cuboid

Block Values

Each block that constructs the Cuboid determines the effects on the values of the completed cuboid. Each block that is allowed in a cuboid, has a speed, efficiency, and multiplicity value. This is calculated by taking the value of the block, and multiplying it by the count of that block in the structure. Blocks that are identified as tags, such as forge:stone, will pool that block type into the calculation. For instance, if you have 3 stone, and 2 andesite, since these are both forge:stone, the total is 5 and the calculations will be off of 5 blocks. So if the speed modifier is -2 ticks, for example, the 5 blocks will result in -10 (-2 * 5 blocks) ticks being removed from the process time.

In general, each value effects the multiblock in the following way

  • Speed: How many ticks are removed from the process time, for the furnace this is the smelt time
  • Efficiency: How many ticks are added to the fuel process time. Each fuel provider provides a value, such as the solid fuel providing 1600 ticks per coal item, and this modifier adds on top of that.
  • Multiplicity: How many items are processed per operation

Each value has a min and max, in JEI these are represented as the "MIN <-> MAX"

JEI Block Values

In certain structures, these values could operate differently. For instance, a generator may use the speed value to determine the FE/Tick generated, by inverting the speed value and multiplying by 10 or something like this. This will be documented in the description of those cores.

Gui with stats

Fuel Providers

In your cuboid, to operate you will need at least one fuel provider. Without this there will be no way to fuel the multiblock. Simply place a fuel provider anywhere in the structure.

Each provider can be assigned a priority, when the multiblock needs to consume fuel to continue processing, it will query the fuel providers to provide fuel. The higher priority fuel providers will provide fuel first. Fuel Provider GUI