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Modpack Menu


Modpack Menu is an Open Source Fork of the Previously MIT Licensed Custom Title Screen. We decided to do this because Martmists, the developer of Custom Title Screen changed "most" of his mods licenses from MIT to a Very Restrictive License. This is a continuation of the mod from when it "was" MIT licensed in an effort to preserve user and developer freedom.


📝 Features

- Custom Main Menu Background Image

- Custom Button Textures

- Modify Locations of Buttons

- Add your own buttons that open URLs

- Brand your Modpack on the Main Menu

- Modify and Hide Splash Screen Text


⚙️ Configuration

- For a Custom Main Menu Background Image, put an image in config/modpackmenu/background.png
- For Custom Button Textures, put an image in config/modpackmenu/buttons.png

- To add a Line of Text onto the main menu, edit the config/modpackmenu/config.json5 file

- To modify the buttons locations, edit the config/modpackmenu/buttons.json5 file 


🎓 License

This project is licensed under the Lesser GNU GPL v3 - see the LICENSE file for details


⌛️ Credits

- Martmists, for making the wonderful Custom Title Screen mod






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