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Hi all!

As the summary implies, this mod adds a way to convert between energy systems. Currently these are implemented:

  • CoFH RF (added in ModernConv 2.0)
  • Forge Energy
  • Tesla
  • IC2

Energy systems supported previously

  • BuildCraft MJ (currently disabled due to powerloops)
  • Refined Storage (it was bugged, so it is disabled for now)

As it is part of the ModernMods collection, this mod needs ModernCraftCore!


Place down an Energy IO and click it with a wrench. It will make it input. Then connect it via some ModernCraft wires to another Energy IO. That will be the output. Now you connect the Energy IOs to conduits or IC2 cables and that's all! You need to use wires/conduits/cables between the Energy IO and other devices, otherwise things might not work.

You may also left-click the Energy IO with a wrench to configure its tier.

This release is in early stage, it may have bugs! Please report them if they aren't in the list below!


Here's how you craft the Energy IO. This recipe is only temporary!

 Crafting recipe

Known bugs

  • Had to disable some power systems (see above)
  • Some bugs in ModernCraftCore (ex. the visual glitch with cables, EnergyNets acting funny, "phantom connection")

 I will need to redo this entire thing some time


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