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Modern Splash

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Modern Splash is a 1.12.2 & 1.7.10 mod that changes the loading screen to high version style.

This mod also has a configurable dark mode, you can configure its start time and end time, or just always enable it.

The colour combination of the default dark mode comes from Default Dark Mode resource pack.

embeddedt's Startup Timer is included, since it's incompatible.

Some old version elements(e.g. Forge anvil) are disabled by default, but can be re-enabled in config.

Config file located at config/

If you install the mod in a previous game instance, you may want to remove existed config/ to clear the old colour.


To work with LiteLoader under 1.7.10, you need to change the loadingbar option in .minecraft/liteconfig/ to false


Incompatible with all loading screen mods.

Require MixinBooter (Mixinbootstrap also works).