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This is a collection of custom models for decoration purpose.

Mix armors can hold and show multiple armors at once. Support armors from other mods and vanilla.


Adding several armors currently, planning to add tools/weapons.


Coding by Epix Zhang, Modeling and texturing by Miguo.



  • Horo's Ears/Tail (Horo from Ookami to Koushinryou)
  • Dwarf's Beard
  • Demon's Horn
  • Gentleman's Hat
  • North Hat
  • Sea Mask
  • Cat's ears Hat
  • Dwarf Iron Helmet
  • Junior Hunter's Hat
  • Headphone
  • Fox's Ears/Tail
  • Iron Cloak's Armor

Special armors:

Mix Helmet/Chestplate/Leggings/Boots:

These armors can hold other armors, and show them at once!

Hold and right click to open the GUI, then put other armors in and wear it.

Should be compatible to vanilla and mod armors.


Known issue:

Colored Leather armor is rendered as non-colored one.



混合装备可以同时将多件装备同时穿戴在身上并同时显示出来! 支持原版及各组件的装备.




代码: Epix Zhang,模型与材质: 矮人miguo



  • 赫萝的耳朵/尾巴 (出自支仓冻砂 《狼与香辛料》)
  • 矮人胡子
  • 恶魔角
  • 绅士帽
  • 北方皮帽
  • 海底面具
  • 猫耳帽子
  • 矮人铁头盔
  • 初等猎人帽子
  • 耳机
  • 小狐狸耳朵/尾巴
  • 铁帜护甲套装








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