Blocks and Rocks Plus

504 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


new Items and Blocks in Minecraft with this mod with realistic Texture. Today I bring Alpha 0.2b out as Download I hope you join me and give me a comment of this Mod what you search and what I can better make on the mod.


This mod will I in many time with more updates bring and new Pictures. And I will more versions of this mod bring out. Today is only 1.12.2 but I planning the mod in 1.11.2 and 1.10.2 to bring in the next year with all the think what in 1.12.2 I have bring out.


Plans for the next 4 versions:


v.0.3b: New Realistic Blocks (finish)

v.0.3.5b: 1 New 1.13 and 2 New 1.14 Blocks (Comes end 2019)!!!!!

v.0.4b: New all Realistic Blocks as Halfslab (Comes 2020)!!!

v.0.4.5b: All new 1.14 Blocks

v.0.5b. New Realistic Blocks + Corallenfans

v.0.6b: New Corallenhalfslabblocks

v.0.7b: Texture Update + more new Blocks

v.0.8b: All 1.13 Items and last Blocks

v.0.9b: Recipes and New Realistic Blocks

v.1.0snapshot b: Fixes und Texture Updates

v.1.0: Update with more Functions



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