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Hello dear human! You've just found the cutiest mod ever!
MnG(aka MnC, UWS) is the mod that specifies adding cute and at the same time useful mobs and lush, stunning biomes with their own growth!
I am trying to make big but compact updates so you won't get tired! Good luck reading!



One of the biggest updates so far! The update rebooted all of the content from the previous 2.0.0, some content got deleted, some upgraded to be even more high quality. Mod has changed unrecognizable since that version, changed it's course to full-vanila one. So have fun exploring even more fun world!!!





Hamzaa - for mobs renders and logo render - link
Neur0 - for "Bleeding pulp", "Sunny" and "Deez" music discs
Toma400 - for long-time support - link



Spicegroove (by APoPie & Vladick)
Deez (by Neur0)
Bleeding pulp (by Neur0)
Ginger (APoPie & Vladick)
Tension (APoPie & Vladick)
Sunny (by Neur0)




Official Discord server with leaks and updates





There is Music Disc for every biome in the mod, and everyone of them can be obtained by using Hamster dig mechanic in it's disc specific biome








Mobs: Guinea Pigs, Coffee Shellnut

Growths: Eucaliptus

Trees: Spicewood Tree

Food Sources: Coffee Beans, Guinea Pig Meat

Music D: Spicegroove



Mobs: Hamsters, Peanut Shellnut, Almond Shellnut

Growths: Peanut Grass

Trees: Nutwood Tree, Almond Tree(also can be seen around the world)

Food Sources: Peanuts, Almonds

Music D: Deez


Cherry Forest:


Mobs: Cherrie

Growths: Red/Blue Chrysantemums

Trees: Cherry Tree

Food Sources: Cherries

Music D: Bleeding Pulp


Maple Forest:


Mobs: Squirrel, Phistashio Shellnut

Growths: Phistashio Bushes, Yellow/Orange/Red/Blue Chrysantemums

Trees: Maple

Food Sources: Maple Syrop, Ginger Roots(can be obtained by breaking grass), Phistashios

Music D: Ginger




Mobs: Capybaras, Mossites

Growths: Monkshood

Trees: Willow

Food Sources: Alligator Apples

Music D: Tension

Specials: chance to get scared during your trip in the biome, the chances dramaticaly increase during night


Baobab Savanna:


Mobs: Termites

Growths: It's a savanna dammit, no growths :C

Trees: Baobab, Banana(yes)

Food Sources: Baobab Fruits, Bananas(can be crafted with 4 Swirled Bananas)

Music D: Sunny






Spicewood Branch (Spicewoods) - can be crafted into Spicewood Bark

Eucaliptus (Spicewoods) - can be crafted into Essential Oil

Peanut Grass (Nutwoods) - drops Peanut

Chrysantemums (Cherry F., Maple F.) - just... beautiful

Monkshood (Hanging-Leaves) - gives effect of Toxicness when collides with player

Baobab Fruit (Baobab S.) - most easy to get food in the biome

Alligator Apple (Hanging-L.) - can be used(in its block form) on Capybara to get Capybara Shield effect

(Not that much actually)





HP: 15, 14, 10, 13

Damage: 2, 4

Variants: Coffee, Peanut, Almond, Phistashio

Drop: Coffee Beans/Peanut/Almond/Phistashio

Spawn: Spicewoods/Nutwoods/Maple Forest (only during night, or in dark places)

Specials: Goes to its rage form after being hit by a player with the same nut as shellnut's in inventory

Guinea Pigs:

HP: 18, 17, 19, 15

Damage: 2, 1, 3, 4

Variants: Brown Outbreed, Brown White-Crested, Hymalayan, Rex(spawns only during rain), Teddy, Black Outbreed, American, Skinny(spawns only in dark)

Food: Spicewood Bark, Spicewood Branch

Drop: Raw Guinea Pig Meat

Spawn: Spicewoods

Specials: A good defensive pet



HP: 12, 11

Damage: 1, 2

Variants: European, Golden Syrian, Orange Syrian, White Djungarian, Black Djungarian

Food: Peanuts

Drop: Rabbit Hide

Spawn: Nutwoods

Specials: Hamster Mechanic is when you Rclick on any Hamster with Hamster Treat and it digs something for you(drops may change depending on MnG biome you're in)



HP: 14

Damage: ~22 (shoots cherry seed projectile)

Food: Cherry

Drop: Cherries

Spawn: Cherry Forest

Specials: Shoots their seed and dies when kills someone :C


HP: 13

Damage: 2

Drop: Phistashio

Spawn: Maple Forest

Specials: Squirrel Mechanic is when you give them any nut(except coffee beans) and it crashes it with squirrel's teeth so you can eat them


HP: 6

Damage: 1

Spawn: Baobab Savanna(only inside their nests)

Specials: Termite Mechanic is when Termites collide with Baobab Logs and leave Sawdust behind, Sawdust can be used for block, fuel or as a healer for Guinea Pigs and Hamsters)



HP: 14

Damage: 2

Food: Alligator Apple

Drop: Moss Carpet

Spawn: Hanging-Leaves

Specials: After breeding Mossite leaves a block of Moss, so you can obtain it even more easily



HP: 22

Drop: Leather

Spawn: Hanging-Leaves

Specials: Capybara Mechanic is when you feed Capybara with an Alligator Apple Block and they give you Capybara Shield effect


HP: 8

Damage: 3

Food: Almond

Spawn: Everywhere(only inside their nests)

Specials: Can be tamed but they do not follow owner, so get them with leads to your house to defend it





HP: 14

Damage: ~22 (shoots cherry seed projectile)

Food: Ginger Root

Drop: Ginger Root

Specials: Besides shooting their seed and dying when killing someone they also leave fire trail behind and exlode when died



HP: 11

Damage: 2

Food: Peanuts

Drop: Rabbit Hide

Specials: Hamster Mechanic is when you Rclick on any Hamster with Hamster Treat and it digs something for you(drops may change depending on MnG biome you're in) but Helihampter also has ability to FLY :D




Raw/Dried Coffee Beans: can be obtained by gathering them from Spicewood Leaves

Coffee Cup: gives Cheerful effect

Canella Cookie

Cinabon: cake-like food, 3 pieces in total

Raw/Cooked Guinea Pig

Peanuts: can be obtained by using squirrel mechanic with peanut in hands

Peanut Cookie

Peanut Butter

Peanut Sandwich

Jam Bottle

PB&J Sandwich

Vanilla Cocoa Cup: gives effect of Vanillin Rush

Almonds: can be obtained by using squirrel mechanic with almond in hands

Almond Sandwich

Marzipan: gives Almond Aftertaste effect

Almond Milk Cup: gives Almond Aftertaste effect


Compote Cup

Alligator Apple

Phistashios: can be obtained by using squirrel mechanic with phistashio in hands

Fried Phistashios

Phistashio Sandwich

Glazed Ginger

Ginger Cookie

Ginger Tea Cup

Maple Syrop

Maple Bun

Pancakes: cake-like food, 3 pieces in total

Raw/Cooked Baobab Fruit

Banana: can be crafted with 4 Swirled Bananas drops Banana Skin when eaten

Banana Chips




Coffee Beans Block: a compact block for Raw Coffee Beans

Peanut Block: a compact block for Peanut

Almond Block: a compact block for Almond

Ginger Root Block: sets mobs above on fire for a short time

Gingerspenser: sets mobs above on fire for a bit longer time when redstone powered

Phistashio Block: a compact block for Phistashio

Termite Nest: release Termites when mobs walks on it or destroys it

Banana Chips Block: a compact block for Banana Chips

Sawdust: heals Guinea Pigs and Hamsters above + can be used as fuel

Sawdust Block: a compact block for Sawdust + can be used as fuel

Ant Nest: release Ants when mobs walks on it or destroys it




Spicewood Bark: can be obtained by stripping Spicewood Log/Wood or crafted with Spicewood Branch

Canella Powder: used for various dishes

Dried Vanilla: used for various dishes




Hamster Treat: used for hamster mechanic

Ginger Root: can be obtained with breaking grass in Maple Forest + used for various dishes


Banana Skin: projectile ~2 damage

Cup: an item used for various drinks from MnG crafted with 3 any terracotta blocks




Splitting Effect: clears every effect on player

Cheerful: clears slowness effect and makes player starve slower

Vanillin Rush: makes player sprint faster

Almond Astertaste: if player has <10 hunger points then it'll make it =10

Toxicness: poisonness but deadly

Capybara Shield: makes player immune to Hanging-Leaves spooks


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