Mob Spawner Control

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This mod provides ways to configure mob spawners, to discourage their use in mob farms or to incentivize players to seek and destroy them. It can be used on a forge server with vanilla clients, though you should refrain from using the custom spawners feature when doing so.


Default options

By default, this mod makes spawners break after having spawned 100 mobs.



You can however configure it to :

  • Change the max amount of mobs spawned before obsolescence
  • Disable the spawner after obsolescence, instead of destroying it
  • Disable all changes made for vanilla spawners, altering only the mod's own spawners.
  • Make mobs be counted when they are killed rather than when they are spawned. This avoids cheesing a dungeon by waiting for the spawners to run out.
  • Change the amount of experience dropped when broken by a player. The formula for this is :
    exp = xpDropped + rand(randXpVariation) + rand(randXpVariation)
    where xpDropped is a constant in the config and rand(randXpVariation) is a random value between 0 and randXpVariation (defined in the config)
  • Add items to drop when the spawner is broken by a player. This is done in the config as a list of items, with the notation "modid:itemid:count:meta:chance", with count, meta and chance being optional numbers. Chance is a number between 0 and 1 corresponding to the probability an entry has to drop. (ex: "minecraft:porkchop", "minecraft:wool:5:13", "minecraft:diamond:1:0:0.75")
  • Change spawners' cooldown over time. Each time a mob is counted (spawn or kill), the associated spawner sees its cooldown multiplied by the amount set in the config, which is 1 by default (no change). So you can set it to something between 0 and 1 for exponential spawns or higher than 1 to have spawners with diminishing efficiency. Or negative for wacky behaviours, your call.
  • Alter mob spawn conditions
    • By disabling any entity-specific spawning check (like animals needing grass)
    • By disabling any mob-specific spawning check (this is the same as above but restricted to hostile mobs, allowing slimes to spawn outside slime chunks for example)
      • With this option enabled, you can make it so sunlight still prevents spawning, to avoid zombies spawning and burning instantly.
  • Change the amount of experience dropped by spawned mobs


Custom Spawners

This mods lets you define custom spawners in its configuration. Those spawners will be dynamically added as new blocks and use their own config. They act exactly the same as the vanilla one but aren't affected by the alterVanillaSpawner config option (nbt works the same as well, anything using vanilla spawners should work with those ones). This allows you as a map maker to use as many spawners as you want, each with its own set of rules. Similar to vanilla spawners, they are by default only obtainable through commands. (their id is spawnercontrol:<name>). You can however enable a creative tab for the mod, in which every custom spawner will appear.

Video demonstrating custom spawners (bad in-game framerate warning) :


Note: Due to Forge's constraints, this mod doesn't work with primitive entities such as items, xp orbs, projectiles... If it looks inert there's a chance spawners of it won't be affected. On the other hand, anything that has an associated working spawn egg is guaranteed to work.


This mod was made on a request by Shivaxi