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Filename MMDLib-1.12-1.0.0-rc1.26-deobf.jar
Uploaded by jriwanek
Uploaded Apr 14, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 2fe0ac9f0548983dca22c7ec8d09942e
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Java 8
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Late Addendum: A chunk of client code was being run server-side, causing a server crash. How this was not caught is unknown - fixed in this immediate update.

1) (@dshadowwolf and others) Sync to latest code in current conjoined BaseMetals to get bugfixes and API updates.
2) (@faceofcat) Add GUI interface wrappers and layer
3) (@faceofcat) Add Capabilities wrapper and layers - this is extensible and has hooks for latching all existing power systems equally
4) (@dshadowwolf) Implement MMDLib specific startup events and ordering properly
5) (@dshadowwolf) Remove interdependency of MMDToolEffects and some other pieces
6) (@dshadowwolf) Update MMDMaterial to have hooks for providing a means to get a custom FluidBlock and custom Tooltips on a per-material basis, the tooltips store on a per-item basis
7) (@dshadowwolf) Move Tool effects and Armor effects to the "MMDMaterialProperty" system - note that the current form is limited to replicating ***EXACTLY*** what existed before and work needs to be done to make it so that it can apply in a generic manner to any item or block
8) (@dshadowwolf) Move Vanilla materials and extended items to MMDLib
9) (@dshadowwolf) Fix mappings so that existing worlds do not break
10) (@dshadowwolf) Restore missing fluid state mappings
11) (@dshadowwolf) Restore missing '#inventory' rendering mappings
12) (@dshadowwolf) Repair client-code-on-server issue in network code
13) (team, with thanks to public) Repair and fix recipes that had errors
14) (@YaibaToKen and @dshadowwolf)  Repair Tinkers' Construct interface to not crash if TiC smelter module is turned off