Mixed Magic

6,253 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

About mod:

Authors of the mod: JakiHappyCity (Coder, Semi-Modeler, Semi-Texture Creator), 45_NICK_45 (Texture Creator, Semi-Modeler), 45_TOBI_45 (Cool dude,Modeler,Texture Creator), RaDiC (Idk,maybe Modeler ).

[spoiler=That we have?]

Crystal Blocks - WIP

Goldium Seeds - WIP [Haven't texture]. Give you 3 gold nuggets

Metalium Seeds - Give you 2 iron nuggets

Wisper Seeds - Give you 3 strings

Some crucible recipes

[/spoiler] [spoiler=Plans]

Too many plans...



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