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Missing Pieces

The Missing Pieces mod is for recent versions of Minecraft for those players who like to stay on the bleeding edge of releases.  It has just been updated for 1.11.2 and is a collection of blocks which I thought would add to the building and experience of the game.  Some I thought up, others were inspired by other mods which don't seem to be making the transition to the newer versions so I included similar versions here.


A quick list of blocks:

    - chairs you can sit on

    - tables of various woods

    - wedges (or ramps) recently including dirt and grass path for going up hills

    - round pillars and logs

    - shelves for storing / displaying items within easy reach

    - lamps and candelabras which can be put on walls, floors or ceilings

    - patterned slabs for patios or interesting pathways.


Most importantly are the round Pillars and triangle Wedges.  Perfect for sloped roofs and ramps and columns on your buildings.  



Wedges and Pillars


Interactive Shelves with four slots for holding and displaying your items nicely.


Chairs and Tables with spindle legs for setting up the dining room.  Chairs support sitting.


Lamps and Candelabra to shine away the gloom.


This mod supports metals and rocks from Mineralogy and Basemetals if you have them loaded.