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Miskatonic Mysteries

Stare beyond the veil and meet what lies beyond



Miskatonic Mysteries, or MM for short, is a modification inspired by the worlds of H. P. Lovecraft and related authors, and seeks to bring this madness to Minecraft in a never-before-seen way.

Inspired by the likes of Witchery, Bewitchment, Enviromine and more, MM seeks to add a new dimension of threats, enemies, and magic to Minecraft. What are you waiting for? Dive into the depths of the Sunken Place with your cult, and start your journey of nothing and beyond.


Note: MM is currently beta! Things may be incomplete or not implemented yet, but please report all bugs.


Note 2: If you game freezes while loading a world, install Cardinal Components 


We are looking for sound designers! Head on over to our server if you would like to help!



Getting Started

MM is a very branched mod, offering many different directions to explore. The two main branches are science and occult magic:

  • Science: explore villages to find Psychonaut Villagers (or get one by placing a Chemistry Set as a workstation). They will sell a totally legal copy of the Miskatonic Science Journal, a smaller document outlining content such as the Resonator and the Chemistry Set (be sure to inform yourself about the latter, as it is used in most aspects of the mod!)
  • Occult Magic: to get started, find some cultists. Currently, the only cultists around are the Yellow Serfs in Villages. Some of them will wear crowns; they can sell you the Necronomicon. Unlike the Science Journal, the Necronomicon needs a lot of its entries to be unlocked. The Advancements Tab will guide you through this.
  • Wandering Traders: sometimes, Wandering Traders will sell you certain curios. Keep an eye out for them, as they may prove to be quite useful.




Q: What version is MM for and what do I need to run it?

A: MM is for Fabric 1.18.2, and requires Patchouli, Geckolib, Trinkets, Cardinal Components, and Fabric API


Q: What content does MM add currently?

A: Note: Spoilers. As of version 1, MM adds octagrams and rites, many of which are based on summoning and trap, spells, cults, sanity, From Beyond content, Hastur-themed content and an ascension path themed around him, and Investigators. However MM is far from complete and more will be added later.


Q: How can I tell my sanity? There isn't a bar or anything?

A: Once a Science Journal is acquired, find the article detailing Ink Blots. The ink blot on the page will change depending on sanity. At high sanity it will appear as just nothing, though lower sanity you will begin to see shape in it... The lower your sanity, the clearer the shapes will be.


Q: The spellbook is big and scary, how does it work?

A: First place the Necronomicon in an Altar, then r-click. Spells consist of 3 components: effect, medium, and potency. The left page on the spellbook shows your unlocked effects. The 5 figures on the right show the mediums, though not all may be unlocked at first, and the bottom right is for potencies: weak, medium, and strong. The shape in the middle of the right page is your power reservoir, as instead of mana or similar, MM instead has each player contain a given amount of power, and you can distribute this power to spells, though stronger spells require more of this power. The figure will darken as energy is depleted. The tattered scarp of paper on the far right is your active spells. Click on a slot to add a made spell, and click on a made spell to delete it, freeing up more room and power. Cast the spells by a keybind (check controls), pan towards the spell you want, then hold r-click.


Q: How do I unlock more spell mediums and effects?

A: Additional mediums and effects are unlocked either with the help of special items, often acquired though trades with Cultists or Wandering Traders (they're not Nyarlathotep, we think...), or via interactions with certain NPCs, or unlocked upon ascension levels.


Q: Forge?

A: No


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