Misc Additions

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Misc Additions is a vanilla style mod aimed at adding missing content from the game.

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New Mobs:

Nether Phantom

Info: Semi Common flying monster that can be found anywhere in the Nether that drops Nether Eyes.
Magma Creeper

Info: A new creeper variant that explodes into Flames that can be found anywhere in the Nether that drops Magma Cream and Gunpowder.
Info: Hippity hopping animal that can be found in the Swamp biome that drops Frog Legs and Slimeballs
Grizzly Bear
Info: Very hostile bear variant that can be found in Forest type biomes that drops leather and cod.


Nameless One

Info: Magical Skeleton boss from Minecraft Dungeons. You can summon the boss with two charred bone blocks stacked with a skeleton skull on top.


Skeleton Bandit

Info: Hostile Skeleton variant that spawns where lost treasures can be found. Armed with a poisoned iron sword and carrying some treasure on them.


New Ores:


Info: Semi Rare ore that can only be found in Ocean type biomes and drops Cobalt Dust.



Info: Comes in Dirt, Gravel, and Stone variants. Spawns underground, in rivers, in lakes, and in oceans. Drops from it are different per type.


New Blocks:

Cobalt Dust

Info: Acts as a underwater Redstone that can carry redstone power underwater. Obtained from mining Cobalt Ore
Fire Melon
Info: Nether exclusive Melon that drops Fire Melon Slices and cannot be planted for farming.
Mangrove Wood
Info: Obtained from the Mangrove Tree found in Swamp biomes. Can be made into its own colored wood object for everything but signs currently.


Charred Wood

Info: Obtained from the Charred Tree grown from Dead Bushes. Use Charred Bonemeal on a dead bush to grow a Charred tree.


Charred Bone Block

Info: Compressed version of charred bone meal and used in the summoning of Nameless One boss.

New Items:

Nether Eye

Info: Right click and it'll point you to the nearest Nether Fortress like Eye of Enders. Obtained from Nether Phantoms


Cobalt Clump

Info: Used in the creation of Cobalt Ingots. Obtained by crafting Cobalt Dust in a 2x2 pattern.


Cobalt Ingot

Info: Used to create Cobalt tools in the same shape as normal tools.

Cobalt Tools

Info: New tools & sword that are in-between Iron and Diamond.

Raw Frog Leg & Cooked Frog Leg
Info: Unique food that can be obtained from frogs and cooked like other food.
Fire Melon Slice
Info: Food obtained from Fire Melons that extinguishes you if you're on fire.
Chest Boats
Info: Single seated boats that can store items in them. Storage is accessible only outside the boat and by shift-right clicking on it.


Corruption Staff

Info: New magical weapon obtained from Nameless One boss. Casts corrupted spells from it that summon deadly potion circles on impact.


Charred Bone

Info: New bone type dropped from Skeleton Bandits and Nameless one boss. Can be made into a better bonemeal or charred bone blocks.


Prismarine Tools

Info: New tools & sword that are the same tier wise to stone but a little more durable.






Extra Credits:

  • ItsJustChris - Code Contributor
  • War_Monger - Asset Contributor
  • SystemZee - For the Nether Phantom & Cobalt Ideas


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