Mining Lantern

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What is the mod?

Light up the dark

The aim of this mod is to provide a simple item which use Albedo to cast light from the player.
The light is using shaders from Albedo which means that it is not real Minecraft light.
The light will not stop mobs from spawning, but then again they will not spawn that close to players anyway.

The lantern can also be seen on other players' backs and will change texture if it is on or off.
The light from other players' lanterns can also be seen when they use their lantern (this is configurable).
The lantern is also a bauble trinket and can go into any baubles slot.
The lantern is activated with a keybind (default is V) such that it can be turned on or off even when in a baubles slot.


Before turning on the light in the mine and after



Rendering on the player

When the lantern is offWhen the lantern is on



I would welcome both feature requests in what could be missing from the mod and general feedback on the mod
Please post these and bugs on Github or in the comments below.

Know issues

  • Since Albedo is incompatible with OptiFine, this mod will not provide any light when OptiFine is installed.