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NOTE: Requires Fabric API to run.


MiniBlocks is a mod for 1.14 that adds a bunch of seemingly random things to Minecraft to make life better. The mod is intended to be used for an almost-vanilla experience, but can be combined with any other mod, though it may not be balanced.


In it's current form its basically just a couple of recipes that I will eventually add more too. There is also 1 item that does not do anything yet. I intend to update this mod to the latest version of Minecraft at all times, and be speedy about that too.



Current Recipes:

Gravel -> Flint

I was sick of having to constantly dig gravel to get flint, so this is just a simple converter. 

Gravel to Flint


Water + Sugar -> Slime

It was way too hard to get Slime normally, so this adds a way to get a whole bunch easily.

Slime creatiion


Spawn Eggs

I always wanted a way to get each of the spawn eggs, so I created a simple recipe. This can be used in conjunction with other spawn egg related mods.


I'll be adding a lot more later! I want to add items like the infamous "Rotten Flesh to Leather" among other things.


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