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This mod adds new things to the game such as items, blocks, hats, clothes, dolls, tools and food. This mod is kind of a copy of the MineTopia resource pack, but because MineTopia can't run on Forge I decided to make this mod.
you can enable the resource pack but then it will replace normal blocks and that is not always pleasant. The mod will also put the items from the new resource packs in it.



The interactable blocks are in the Minetopia Advanced mod. You can download it here



Here is the discord for the mod: Discord

If you need help I can help you much earlier and the server has the recipes for the mod and more stuff!


  • MineTopia items
  • MineTopia hats
  • MineTopia Blocks
  • MineTopia Food
  • MineTopia Dolls
  • MineTopia Clothes


Things we are working on

  • Adding new food
  • Adding tools
  • Adding economy stuff
  • Adding clothes
  • Adding hats
  • And more


Thing that will not be added

  • A working ATM, because I don't have the skills to make a working ATM. This has to do with the kind of 'local database' that has to be created.
  • A working Arcade machine, I have also not the skills for that.


This may help you

  • If there are any bugs/issues go to the issue page and report it, I will try my best to solve it.
  • Only use MineTopia Mod version 1.2.5 or higher!
  • Newest version: 1.5



  • The 'Arcade machine' is from the mod: Builders Additions | Link: BuildersAddition
  • The 'Notebook' is from the mod: ModernArch | Link: ModernArch


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