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This mod aims to create an implementation of the game sburb, (from the webcomic homestuck) in minecraft. At the side of this, Minestuck is also going to include other features from homestuck, such as the sylladex, and eventually also the strife specibus, a certain amount of homestuck-themed items, along with a mix of other items and blocks to expand on the "alchemy" system in the game.


We've got the alchemy system, with related machines, the ability to form sessions, and then "entering", sending you to your own land dimension, that is generated around two aspects (picked from 8 + 12 different aspects), underlings (imps, ogres, basilisks and liches), an echeladder system that gives basic perks and boondollars on each rung, gates to let you travel to other lands in your session, consorts that have some stuff to say, consort villages, one type of dungeon, and the sylladex inventory system with 6 modus types to pick from. Also a pile of items and blocks to fill the gaping hole that is alchemy recipes. (For more information, check out the wiki!)


And then there are of course a bunch of things that we haven't implemented that we want to add into the mod in the distant and not so-distant future.


Although not what we're aiming for in the long run, this mod is mostly at a sandbox stage once you've entered the medium, and it'll take a while until we're out of that phase.


You can find homestuck, the webcomic that this mod is based on, at https://www.homestuck.com/


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