Mineral Collector

801 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.3

Mineral Collector

This is a passive resource generation mod for the Fabric API. This mod adds two main features: mineral vents and mineral collectors. Mineral vents are structures that can be found on the ocean floor. These contain a cluster of blocks that emit bubbles and smoke, indicating that they are a mineral vent and not a regular magma block. Placing a mineral collector block inside these bubble columns will allow the collectors to spit out resources on top of them every 10 seconds. Default resources are iron and gold nuggets. 



The resources generated by the collectors can be modified using a loot table inside a datapack. Just override <your_pack_name>/loot_tables/mineralcollector/mineral_collector.json. The amount of time between each resource generation can be modified inside the mod config files. 


Future Plans:

Make a better model and texture for the blocks added.

Add more varieties of collector blocks and vent structures.



Thanks to the Fabric team for making a great modding platform and B0undarybreaker on the development discord for helping me with a bunch of coding problems. 



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