mineHunter:Craft of the Wild

If you're here, that means you may fancy yourself a little hunting. And there is absolutely no shame in that, in fact, quite obviously even, I support it! I love the game and I talked about it for awhile, now it's time to see what you guys think of the initial result. There will be a lot more to come in this mod from here but this is just a starting point to get a basis of opinion.

This mod is for Forge/Neoforge only, and made with Mcreator. Fabric is not planned to be supported at this time, but it could be later depending on plugins.

NOTE: There was a recent bugfix for gunmetal ores not dropping metals, so please update to mod versions 1.2.1 to avoid this issue. Sorry for the bug.


What this mod currently adds:

  • Reloadable 30-06 gun for hunting Whitetail (Craft the empty gun and ammo, then right click with the empty gun to load 4 bullets into it. Then just fire away)
  • 24 Different Whitetail Deer Variants (Does, Copper Bucks, Iron Bucks, Gold Bucks, Diamond Bucks, and Great One Emerald Bucks) (Regular Skin, Piebald Skin, Albino Skin, and Melanistic Skin)
  • Gun Lead, Gun Tin, and Gun Steel (Labeled as Gun metals to be easily distinguishable between other mods that add metals) each with their own specific recipes. If there is any confliction let me know.
  • 2 Biomes (The Deeper Woods, where deer spawn. The Deeper Savanna, for other future mobs)
  • Advanced Fishing Rod (Only available in creative at the moment, huge work in progress for future updates. I plan to add Fishing as a bigger Trophy mechanic, as well as hunting)


 This is the official Part 1 Showcase for this Mod. More parts will release upon future updates:

If you like this mod and want to see other things I've made, be sure to check out my projects link below. I make a variety of things, and look forward to making tons more.

If you have any ideas or want to support me in what I do, you can become a Patron today! Also, when I reach 1,000 Patrons, I plan to build and give away a PC to a lucky Patron. It's as low as $3 a month! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy this mod.



Future Updates:

  • The Next Planned Update is for Turkeys, I'll be adding in Turkeys next and with any luck a shotgun that can spray. I make no guarantees on the shotgun, but I can at least promise turkeys.
  • After Turkeys, I plan to incorporate a new bear of some sort. Most likely either Black Bear, or Grizzly. You can vote on the Patreon if you are a Patron.
  • Fishing will become a priority after I have added the few animals above, but will not be the end to the craze. I plan to go full hog into this if I get enough support.