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This mod implements the Technic Solder API from inside a minecraft server. It simplifies distribution and management for server-based modpacks.


It replaces TechnicSolder with a mod that you install on your minecraft server. Installing/Updating mods on your server and bumping version in the config will generate the required files to be served on the technicplatform via solder API. The only thing you need to do is point technic platform to the web address exposed by the mod (technic solder address: by default localhost:8000 -> you can change it in the config).



You have to proxy the internal server with apache or nginx. The config for apache I use is here.


The URL to add on technicpack.net is http://mysitehostname.com:8080/api/ in a similar configuration.

First Usage

  • Download the latest version of the mod and put it in your mods/ dir
  • Launch server and stop it after it finished
  • Read soldercache/README.txt (launcher artwork support)
  • Edit config/minecraftsolder.cfg (instructions in comments)
  • Start your server


  • Stop the server
  • Update relevant mods in /mods
  • Update relevant mods in /soldercache/clientmods
  • (Optional) You can start up the server and investigate eventual issues. After you've done, stop it.
  • Update version in config/minecraftsolder.cfg
  • Start up the server. The cache will be updated.


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