6,240 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

MCE - short for MinecraftContentExpansion - is a forge mod which aims to expand the game while keeping the "original feeling". All main features can be toggled in the config.


  • Minecraft => stay true to the "original feeling"
  • Content => add more things to do
  • Expansion => expand your gameplay


The mod adds new blocks, items, mechanics and also changes some game mechanics.

It is highly recommended to use JEI and/ or GuideAPI for ingame guidance! You can also visit our Wiki for some online guides.


Required: (for Beta 0.7.x)


Optional: (for Beta 0.7.x)


Optional: (for Beta 0.6.x)


Optional: (for Beta 0.2.x)



  • English (100%)
  • German (100%)
  • Portuguese (BR) (95%)
  • Spanish (MX) (95%)

Help us translate the mod!


For more information see our gitlab page or our wiki!


This mod is licensed under the GPL v3 License.


Most of the textures are made by me or are reskins of vanilla textures (by Mojang)

Some textures are from other mods - and used with permission (by Duckuack, pifou92000)

Some textures are published under MIT License or GPL v3 License. All credits go to their respective owners. 


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