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A simple minecraft forge mod, server side only, to link the chat with your Discord server.


→ Features

           → Want to try ? There is a demo on my discord server !

    → Send Minecraft chat messages in discord :

From minecraft


    → Send discord messages in minecraft chat :


    → Send Join / Left / Death / Advancement messages in a discord channel :

Join / Left / Advancement


    → Send server start / stop in a discord channel

    → Send message from your mod to discord : Documentation here

    → Configure every messages from the config file


→ Discord 

I created a discord server in order to give help and chat. Feel free to join if you have any issue, any questions or any suggestions :

In addition there is a demo for this mod !

→ Installation

1) Place the jar in the server "mods" folder (no need on client side).

2) Launch the server to generate config file.

3) Go to /config folder and edit "minecraft2discord-common.toml".

4) Place your discord bot TOKEN in "botToken" => Go here if you don't know how to have one.

5) Place discord channel id that will get all message in chat under "chat".

6) Place discord channel id that will get Join / Left / Death/ Advancement under "info".

7) Toggle "showJoinLeftMessages", "showAdvancementMessages", "showDeathMessages" to activate or deactivate some functionality.

8) Ensure your bot has the read_messages, send_message and manage_webhooks permission. Otherwise you can give the Administrator permission (not recommended)

9) Restart your server and enjoy!


→ Vidéo tutorial





→ Misc

Can I use this mod in my mod pack / make a video on this mod ?
     Yes, just remember to give credit and link back to the official download page, since they're the only links that are SAFE. You can use the mod freely, and put it in every modpack you want. You just need to put a link to this page, in the place where you tell people the mods in your modpack. If you make a video on this mod make sur to put a link to this page in the decription of the video.


This project is not affiliated with Discord in any way.


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