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*Update: MCW will be integrated into OTG (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/open-terrain-generator) within the next few months and will be named OTG+, it will be available for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2.


Mod thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2658015-minecraft-worlds-mod-mcw-the-ultimate-world



MCW is a fork of the TerrainControl mod with all kinds of advanced features.

- Replaces the world generator and provides customisation features for basically everything in the world so you can design any kind of world.

- Works for single and multi-player. Only required server-side for multiplayer.

- 3rd party tools allow developers to design world settings that can be packaged just like resource packs.

- Players can use the in-game UI with downloaded world settings (just like resource packs) and generate worlds with them.

- Pre-generation feature so worlds can be completely generated before players enter them, eliminating exploration lag

- World border feature to make sure that the world never grows larger than a certain size

- Schematics (user-made structures) can be imported and configured to spawn in any biome. They can be configured to spawn either as resources (like trees, ores etc) or as custom structures.

- User-made structures can be configured to spawn and automatically blend in to any environment. Dynamically generated smoothing areas merge stuctures seamlessly with the ground they are embedded in. Blocks in structures can be automatically replaced with biome specific blocks and structures can automatically have biome-specific vegetation and effects (snow) spawned on them. This means that user-made structures can be placed in any biome in any world with just a few clicks without changing any of their blocks or settings. This way structure files can be easily shared, traded and re-used.

- Advanced procedural generation features for structures allow for the creation of procedurally generated dungeons, mazes, cities etc of any size. These branching structures can have all kinds of randomised layouts, rooms, buildings, interiors etc and can be made to spawn and grow perfectly just like the roots of a tree, never overriding each other and neatly filling any kind of space.

- In-game commands (such as "/mcw bo3info") allow players to see author and description information for the world and any structures they find, ensuring that world and structure creators get credit no matter how their worlds and structures are used. Hopefully this will encourage people to share worlds and structures!

- NBT data can be included with user-made structures and is saved in seperate files that can be edited. So chests, signs, dispensers, redstone etc all work and have their own files.

- Mod blocks are supported. *It may require some work to save & import schematics with mod blocks using the 3rd party tools though, will improve this a.s.a.p.

- Set spawn points for any kind of entity inside user made structures. Entities are moving things like creatures, projectiles, minecarts etc. Even entities added by other mods are supported so you can spawn Hydra's from Twilight Forest in your basement if you like. Entities can be spawned in multiple ways; A. they are spawned when the chunk is generated and made persistent, B. they are spawned manually using a console command, C. they are configured to automatically spawn, respawn and despawn using spawn and despawn timers. With these options you can fill your structures with any number of npcs, mobs, bosses, traps etc from any mod you like. Entities can even be given an angle and velocity so you can launch them anywhere or make things like xp orb fountains.

- Provides "plug-in" functionality for mod developers so that they can easily create mods that spawn things inside user-made structures such as npcs, quests, items, bosses, etc. Check the MCW tools thread on the MC forums for developer documentation. If you are a mod developer or java programmer interested in making a plug-in for MCW don't hesitate to ask me anything!

- WorldPainter is supported (there is a "FromImage" mode and a "Random" mode).

- Bacon

The mod can be used stand-alone using the in-game UI with pre-made world packs (also called biome packs).


World packs

PG pack (default worlds created by me, 400 structures included): Check the "files" page!

MCPitman's Biome Bundle: https://sites.google.com/site/biomebundle/

JFromHollands's Terra Incognita: http://forum.mctcp.com/t/download-first-beta-release-terra-incognita/839/23

Just copy the files to the mods/TerrainControl/worlds folder that is created when the mod is run for the first time.

Type "/mcw" ingame for a list of commands. Type "/mcw bo3info" when standing on a structure to get Author and Description information for that structure.

To create world-packs and import user-made structures a 3rd party tool called TCEE can be used (Windows only, sorry)


Also check out the tools thread at: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/2592678-minecraft-worlds-mod-mcw-the-ultimate-world

Alternatively, world settings can be edited using a text editor and structures can be imported using BO3Tools by RutgerKok


Please refer to the included documentation and the help tab in TCEE for all kinds of instructions and tutorials.

Known issues

- Not compatible with mods that replace the world generator or add custom biomes (Biomes O' plenty, RTG etc).

- When generating multiple worlds in a row without restarting the game memory usage may gradually increase. Restart the game to reset it.

- This mod only very rarely gets stuck, in such a case simply restart the server, do wait for it to save and close neatly by itself! Most of the time if the server seems stuck it's just generating someting really big or elaborate, give it a few minutes.

- Buildings at spawn can be slow to load when first entering the world, even after pre-generation. This does not appear to be fix-able, just give it a minute if you're spawning really big structures.

- If you use the PG pack's Island World preset with 1.7.2 or 1.7.10 and get a big hell biome in the world it may lag pretty badly for a couple of minutes until all the lava has settled (press F3 and wait for nr. of Chunk Updates to go down). It's worth the wait though. You can ofcourse design your own worlds for much faster loading times!

- May contain traces of nuts

Mod showcase (it's a bit dated but fairly thorough)

A big thanks to PopularMMOs who did a 2-part showcase on MCW :)


There's important information missing but that's okay, the video wouldn't be half as entertaining if they had to explain everything (see: my videos). Of course you can read up on MCW in the MC forums thread and hopefully find any resources you need! 

 And a big thanks to Furious Jumper who made a review of MCW in French :)



 All the worlds in these screenshots were generated, not designed!

Here's some screenshots of the PG pack's "Island world" world




 A procedurally generated city with a large dungeon underneath (this world is included in the PG pack)

 Some pics of MCPitman's Biome Bundle


 Here's some structures being blended in with their environment and having biome specific blocks and vegetation spawned on them.


 Here's some screenshots that clearly show dynamically generated smoothing areas around user-made structures:



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