MC Vanilla Expansion

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Minecraft Expansion


This mod adds content to the game without straying from the vanilla style.


This mod adds:

  • 4 sets of tools
  • 6 sets of armor (not including armor upgrades, which are Enhanced, which increases armor points, or Reinforced, which increases durability)
  • 1 ore
  • 7 food items
  • 2 animals
  • Foundry for melting and combining metals to make better metals
  • Coke Furnace for smelting items faster

For more details, go to the images section, where all of these topics are explained in depth.


The list above is for the latest version of the mod. It is not final, as I will be taking suggestions on here, the GitHub repository, the Discord server, the subreddit, Instagram, and YouTube.


My mod's code is also open source, so it's on the GitHub as well.


One other important feature to note is JEI compatibility. You can find crafting recipes, smelting recipes, and foundry recipes using Just Enough Items. Other mod compatibility:

-Just Enough Resources

If you would like to know if any more mods are compatible, just ask.


If you want to see the backstory and main focus of the mod, it's in the spoiler.

When working on this mod, I focused on 3 things that vanilla Minecraft does very well. I kept everything as simplistic as I could, it's easy to memorize and not complicated. I made sure everything was balanced, so you are rewarded with the time you invest, but nothing is overpowered. Everything that exists in real life is kept realistic without making it complicated. I do address one thing in this mod that I feel like is a weak spot in vanilla, and that's variety. There's a lot of room to add stuff, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I want this mod to be packed with content, and it will give the game a lot more variety. But it doesn't feel modded. It feels as if it were in the game the whole time. This mod is also run on community suggestions, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment. Every single idea is considered, whether it be in the next update or somewhere down the line. I've been playing Minecraft for years, since 2012. I grew up with this game. Just know that the people behind this mod are seasoned Minecraft players who know a lot about it.


Our texture artist is RadwinTRR.

If you want to promote or shout out my mod, whether that be adding it to a modpack, doing a mod showcase on YouTube, etc. let me know so I can put you in the special thanks section.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed something to this mod, whether that be giving a suggestion, telling your friends, or just downloading it. You are helping with the growth of this mod, not only in popularity, but in content as well. The more people that are a part of this community, the more feedback I get, which translates directly to content.

Special Thanks:

RadwinTRR - managing discord server and subreddit

JohnnyDabb2 - added Minecraft Expansion to his modpack, Generality.

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