Minecraft Plasma Version

299 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a minecraft mod made to improve all aspects of the version its in. This mod adds anything at all so the focus isn't only on one theme but the mod is almost like an update to the game, so the name of the mod became Minecraft plasma version!

The textures in this mod are made to look good with the upcoming 1.14 re-texture of Minecraft.


  • Where are all the rubies: Ruby Ore and Ruby Blocks naturally spawn in the nether
  • How do I make steel: You can make Steel ingots in the blast furnace by smelting Iron
  • How can I put my own music in my MCREATOR mod: Get the non-copyrighted (using a copyrighted song is NOT ADVISED and against mcreator terms of use) song you would like to use and through whatever method you may like convert the file to a .OGG file as this is the only audio file mcreator will read. Then use the import custom ogg sound tool under the tools tab in mcreator. After that choose your file and set it to the type of sound the audio will be (this determines what audio setting will control the volume) and add the file. Then make a procedure that plays the file and some sort of item or event to trigger that event and there you go!

---If you need any more help, ask in the comments and I will reply and add it to this section---



Hinkik: Explorers, Outbreaker

Chime: Here we go, Coins!

Tristam: Till it's over, Razor Sharp, Flight

MDK: Press Start, X-Buster

PegbaordNerds: Try This, Razor Sharp

Nitro Fun: New Game

Teminite: Highscore

Panda Eyes: Highscore

Wubbix: Overworld

Tokyo Machine: HYPE

Braken: Flight

Destroid: Annihilate


---Want your favorite tune to be in minecraft? Type it down below and (as long as copyright allows) it will be implemented---


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