MCNV: Fallout New Vegas

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"Minecraft: New Vegas" is the ultimate experience, combing both the intricacies of single player Fallout quests and choices with the unpredictability of a multi-player world. All of this is enhanced by a hardcore environment where the weak can perish from wildlife, and the brutish can enslave towns. Teamwork is extremely encouraged to survive the Mojave Wasteland.


"Minecraft: New Vegas" allows you to live within the world of Fallout in a way no other media does. You build your character up from nothing, and can become whatever you want. A soldier in the New California Republic, a caravanner with the largest caravan outfit in the wastes, a gambler in the Vegas casinos, a survivor in the wastes, a repairman, a scavenger, a leader of a tough raider gang, etc. You have the ability to take the life of anyone, or anything you see. You can barter and steal any item you find. No other MMO has this level of freedom. This has D&D levels of detail, but with all the benefits of an online game, and without the drawbacks.


The project features a custom built and wholly unique mod, tailor-made to give you the best Fallout inspired experience within Minecraft. It features a 1-to-1 recreation of the Fallout New Vegas map, immersive gunplay and chems galore! Credit to Relicit, past co-owner, for a lot of the work on the map.


Of course, the mod on Curseforge is just the MOD aspect of things. It does not allow you to experience what the project aims for. Join the Discord to play on the server for the full experience.


If you are interested in checking out the project, come join us on Discord:


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