MCA Reborn [Fabric/Forge]

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Filename minecraft-comes-alive-7.3.21+1.18.2-universal.jar
Uploaded by Conczin
Uploaded Sep 6, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +4
Size 10.14 MB
Downloads 118,302
MD5 f3ff4cea18dd32e59857c02b052195f6



  • Added percentageOfVanillaVillages as a config value to randomly keep vanilla villages
  • Fixed adventurers spawning in unloaded chunk
  • Fixed crash when disabling MCA player model
  • Added tooltip to editor to avoid confusion when choosing vanilla model
  • Fixed players also having randomly colored hair
  • Several Changes to the Naming systems in MCA
    • Player Naming has been fixed and works properly, much like how /nickname systems work (If you have an existing custom name, MCA will use that instead)
    • It is no longer possible to have a whitespace/empty name, and multiple safeguards have been placed to prevent exploits.
    • The Nameless Traveler code has been removed in favor of the above fix.
  • Added a Homosexuality Trait as a possible chance to spawn with
    • This trait cannot be inherited from past/to future generations
    • Having this trait will enforce gender restrictions in Relationship Items and Villagers entering relations with those of the same gender
    • Due to this trait being available, some relationship items being gifted may result in incompatible responses.
    • In the event of this trait being applied alongside the bisexual trait, the homosexual trait will take priority.
  • Added professionConversionsMap as a config value, made for mod compatibility
    • Designed to be able to use clothing from another profession, if your mod does not supply any to us
    • Example: You can make a Butcher wear Armorer's clothing, or villagers wear a certain professions clothing by default.
    • Only Adult clothing is used in this, baby and child clothing remains unchanged.
  • Added playerRendererBlacklist to disable certain render elements of the player model if certain mods are present
    • Supported Values: arms, left_arm, right_arm, all, block_player, block_villager
  • Fixed #373 (Gamemode being switched before user finishes destiny)
    • Should also resolve the falling-through-world issue
  • Fixed #239, #368 (Compatibility Fix for older Spectrum Versions)
  • Added villagerInteractionItemBlacklist to limit certain items from being used to interact with MCA villagers
    • By default, buckets are included to resolve Issue #273
  • Added command to convert vanilla villager within range
  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to edit a villager with an empty name; should now give it a random name instead
  • The canBeAttractedTo checks for a Player/Villager relationship now properly respect traits
    • IE the same logic that is used for villagers now also applies to players
  • Added shaderLocationsMap to allow specifying custom shaders dependent on traits
    • If the camera entity has the specified trait, it'll apply the shader, and remove it when the current camera entity does not.
    • Requires enablePlayerShaders to be true to utilize this feature
  • Added functionality for Lactose Intolerance
    • Applies a Poison effect after usage, similar to if a spider eye were consumed
  • Traits that are not meant to be equipped by players will no longer be seen in the Editor or Destiny Screen
    • This can be bypassed via the bypassTraitRestrictions setting


  • Added backwards compatibility for 1.16.5 and 1.17.1, to align with the EOL of 1.19.0 and 1.19.1
    • 1.19.0, 1.19.1, 1.17.1, and 1.16.5 are now officially considered EOL, and users should upgrade to retain support
  • You can no longer set the home of a villager who is either there temporarily or does not require a home
  • Fixed trades
  • Fixed equipment dropping
  • Fixed arms being funky in multiplayer


  • Official Support has been added for the Quilt ModLoader (Requires QSL + Quilted Fabric API)
  • Added villagerDimensionBlacklist, modded villager whitelists, and allowedSpawnReasons as new config options
    • Advanced Usage Only, tampering can lead to tears :(
  • Multiple Build Script adjustments to align with universal packaging + full automation
  • Fixed some wrong relationships on older worlds


  • Fabric and Forge are now packaged as one universal jar file
  • Fixed trait inheritance change
  • Fixed updating villager name not reflecting change in Blueprint
  • Fixed profession name in Waila etc
  • Fixed outdated infection book


  • Fixed an issue with the Bone Meal Check in HarvestingTask not taking into account modded items
  • Fixed an issue relating to a mismatched slot checked when a villager is left-handed and HarvestingTask#bonemealCrop was ran
  • Rewritten HarvestingTask#plantSeed to allow modded plants to be properly planted, if specified in the villager_plantable tag and a valid BlockItem
    • This also fixes pumpkin and melon seeds not properly planting, despite being in the tag
  • Added a minBuildingSize as a counterpart to the previously implemented maxBuildingSize config option
    • I'm not sure why someone wanted this, but...ok.
  • Editor Screen Paperdoll models will now follow your mouse, just like how the Inventory Screen behaves


  • Fixed wrong pitch for babies
  • Pitch slowly increases with age
  • Fixed inconsistencies in relationship data with the Matchmaker's Ring
    • Resolves cases of incest + Added canBeAttractedTo check support
  • Fixed a missing getGender check in creating a player's Family Tree entry
  • Fixed enchantments glint on villagers
  • Fixed using mca villager spawn eggs on mca villagers
  • Fixed Sneak-Interactions with mca villagers
    • Should now open trades on applicable villagers
    • Villagers that are Jobless will disagree with the proper sound effect
  • Fixed silent sound effect compatibility with Celebrate Sounds


  • Fixed multiple rendering issues that were causing invisibility to not work on Villagers
    • Also applies to players using the custom villager model
  • Added a villagerRestockNotification config option
    • If enabled, will notify anyone in a villager's home village when a trade restock occurs
  • Undo the magical edit made to the failing villager state (ERREASTEREGG_FLUKE)
  • Modified the Gift Satisfaction for ranged weapons to based off the range instead of a static 15
  • Added the Angry and Celebratory Voice Lines for Villagers when using MCA voices
  • Added a showNotificationsAsChat config option to toggle villager notification style
    • If true, the normal action bar notifications will instead show in chat.
  • Added preliminary/supplementary data for 7.4.0 content
  • Misc. Build Pipeline cleanups
  • Fixed mail notification
  • Fixed offline players not receiving letter of condolence
  • Villagers are no longer pissed when killing a Zombie Villager
  • Zombie Villagers without any family won't be buried
  • Infected villagers being killed by a zombie no longer duplicate their inventory
  • Infection now lasts longer
  • Adventurers with high hearts may stay without asking
  • Mood slowly change on its own, with slight tendency towards neutral
  • Fixed getGender checks for PlayerSaveData (Now should properly be reflected!)
  • Villagers have a voice pitch gene


  • Fixed a crash that can occur when leaving a villager's name in the editor empty when switching tabs
  • Modified a failing villager state into something more...magical ;)


  • Added Support for 1.19.1
  • Sneaking + Interacting with a villager with the editor item will now open their inventory!
  • Added Left-Handed Trait as a possible chance to spawn with
    • This trait can be inherited from past/to future generations
    • Having this trait will change their dominant hand in most tasks to be their left hand (Known to the player as the off-hand slot)
    • Some examples of this include Work Tasks, EquipmentSet's, and Melee Attacks (For Equipment, if a preset already uses both hands, it'll remain unchanged.)
    • Given Minecraft was never intended to support this type of gameplay, further tuning may be required in a future update.


  • Misc. Patches for 1.18.2 and 1.19 Dependencies (1.18.2 officially identifies as LTS now!)
  • Added innArrivalNotification config setting, for notifying players in the village that a new traveller has arrived!
  • Added a Night Owl schedule, in which Cultist's and Outlaws have a chance to use, based on the nightOwlChance config setting (Default: 50% Chance)
    • Enable allowAnyNightOwl to be able to apply this same chance to other professions
    • Guard's will also now use nightOwlChance instead of using a random boolean to determine their schedule (Meaning if you want more guards at night, increase nightOwlChance)
  • Added a Bisexuality Trait as a possible chance to spawn with
    • This trait cannot be inherited from past/to future generations
    • Having this trait will bypass gender restrictions in Relationship Items and Villagers entering relations with those of the same gender
    • Due to this trait being available, some relationship items being gifted may result in incompatible responses.


  • Fixed Villager Fate achievements (Happy hunting!)
  • Added an achievement for dropping a baby? (There's more to this right?!)


  • You can no longer trade with archers
  • Fixed crash in blueprint
  • Fixed villager following you after trade
  • Fixed villagers not working when previously told to stay
  • Fixed harvesting tasks not always harvesting
  • Added phrases for working
  • Villager no longer work when panicking
  • Villager can heal faster when eating


  • Fixed forge server
  • Villager no longer make surprise sounds while trading
  • Fixed staying and following commands causing high CPU usage
    • Panicking staying villagers will now run
      • They will not return to original point yet, will be fixed in guards-update
  • Fixed issues when server and client have different java versions


  • Fixed server crashing
  • Fixed some sounds not triggering
  • Enabled voices by default
  • Gave sirben more personality


  • Finished sounds
    • Normalized and denoised existing ones
    • Added trading, hurt, snoring and coughing
    • Added sounds for females
  • Reputation is now the sum of all hearts
    • Reputation has been renamed to hearts
  • Villages with less than 3 (configurable) buildings are now considered settlements
    • They will not trigger the enter-village notification
  • Children now grow up in 16 days instead of 8 (configurable)
  • Babies no longer greet you
  • Added rose gold dust recipe and therefore a way to obtain rose gold
    • Removed rose gold ore
  • Being in a relationship helps for some interactions
  • A higher villager levels decreases infection rate
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • If you hit a villager, it will no longer follow you
  • Fixed armor texture on villagers


  • Added potion of feminity/masculinity
  • Fixed promised villager marrying
  • Fixed black hair issue
  • Removed duplicate jobless skins
  • Adventurers no longer claim beds
  • Adventurers no longer complain about too crowded places
  • Adventurers now actually charge you when hiring them
  • Hopefully fixed Stuck-in-spectator mode bugs
  • Added fully vanilla mode to player model selection
  • Added a hint to the limited /mca editor
  • Reduced which villagers are converted to support mods (Easy Villagers)
    • E.g. Igloo will have vanilla villagers now, for technical reasons
  • Less mca baby zombie villagers
  • Fixed apologizing to villagers after hit
  • Made interactions easier, except for stories if you are lying
  • Made bounty hunters more rare


  • Engagement rings now set the relationship to engaged
    • Engaged villagers won't marry someone else
  • Gifting a bouquet prevents villagers from marrying other villagers
  • More config for inn spawning behavior
  • Added (deceased) father and mother for all spawned villagers
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Origins mod
  • Added rainbow trait
  • Hair color now blends when color is gifted again
  • 2% of villagers dye their hair (configurable)


  • Parents with same gender are now properly registered


  • Added support for 1.19
  • Added support for advancements tied to fate
  • Added Adventurers
    • Spawn twice a day at inns
    • Despawn after 2 days
    • Can trade, be hired and asked to stay
  • Villager now chooses the best equipment
  • Added more eye variants
  • Fixed zombies not always using zombie clothing
  • Villager on fire will now burn their clothes
  • The Sirben cult appeared
  • Added 50.000 names from 55 different countries
    • Config option available to use modern USA names only
  • Destiny now sets spawn location
  • The /mca editor has been replaced by a limited version (configurable) to prefer comb and needle and string items
  • You can now start a village without villagers using the blueprint


  • Traders now spawn in Inns
  • Added comb to modify the hairstyle of villagers and players
  • Added needle and thread to modify clothes of villagers and players
  • Fixed advancements and book rewards
  • Improved name distribution
  • Marriage and Birth notifications are now only printed within the village boundaries, or when being friends
  • Added config flag to disable boobs
  • Added support for Immersive Weathering
  • Fixed a few crashes
  • Taxes are now once a week
  • Fixed performance issue
  • Fixed persistent zombie villagers despawning


  • Updated translations
  • Fixed crash on dedicated server when picking up children
  • Cleaned up config, added link to config wiki
  • Villager can no longer plant modded plants to remove a crash
  • Fixed a few crashes

7.3.0 alpha 3

  • Switched to an injected based player model to hopefully improve mod support
  • Using the Player model now makes use of size and gender
  • Females are now in average 5% shorter than males
  • You can now choose between player and villager model in the destiny screen
  • Fixed modded profession being naked
  • Fixed massive family crashing whistle
  • Fixed root advancement
  • Fixed Gifting advancements
  • Fixed missing riding phrase
  • Fixed duplication issue when villager use bonemeal
  • Fixed chore animations
  • Added wandering around when no tasks have been found
  • Fixed young villagers not holding tools correctly

7.3.0 alpha 2

  • Fixed Destiny partly working on dedicated servers
  • Fixed mod conflicts
  • Added clothing and hair selection
  • Bounty hunter no longer attack while in creative
  • Gifting a golden apple to a child now properly reduces the stack
  • Fixed a few wrong buttons
  • Added a few more config flags to control destiny, teleportation and editor access
  • Sneaking no longer breaks the model
  • Editor offers a button to select player or villager skin
  • Fixed issues with resizing window while in editor

7.3.0 alpha 1

  • Added destiny
    • You are asked to customize the player
    • Then you can choose from a set of spawn location to start your journey
  • Massive dialogue overhaul with over 300 new phrases
    • Added Rumor dialogue
    • Added Time specific dialogues
  • Grumpy, Gloomy and Shy personalities


  • Ported to 1.18.2
  • Modded Villager professions now display properly in all mca interfaces
  • Fixed incompatibility with eldritch mobs
  • Villager get 5 extra hearts per level
  • Added config flag to use squidward models
  • Fixed sleeping
  • Adjusted villager teleportation to be more configurable
  • Different ages will now move at different speed
  • Genes now affect speed
  • Converted villagers will now retain custom nbt data and age
  • Fixed inventory disappearing on convert
  • Fixed marriage and family tree loss on convert
  • Maximum building size and radius are now configurable
  • Fixed UI Scaling issues with interaction buttons
  • Fixed issues of bounty hunters spawning within villages if your y value is below its bounds
  • Added Village Merging
  • Fixed villagers struck by lighting
  • Added electrified trait
  • Increased button widths to better support different languages
  • Decrease revenge aggression based on the guards' relation to you
  • Added guard target list to config
  • Added aborting children by unconventional means
  • Updated the Blueprint Interface to appear more cohesive
  • Added /mca-admin forceBuildingType <type> to force a building's type
  • Fixed issues with Chores not working in 1.18.x
  • Added modded support to ChoppingTask as well as several optimizations
  • Mining Speed Multipliers can now effect ChoppingTask speed (The original 7 seconds is also configurable)
  • Fixed potential crashes when villagers perform Harvesting chores (Planting seeds throwing a NPE)
  • Fixed player marriage not saving
  • Sneaking before interacting with a villager will now open trading


  • Ported to 1.18 (And 1.18.1)
  • Fixed missing chest tag
  • Added baby clothes
  • Fixed villagers not fully moving out of the old building


  • Readded blacksmith functionality
  • Fixed scaling-flickering with iguana tweaks
  • Added text when trying to assign to invalid buildings
  • Improved interaction layout
  • Staff of Life can no longer be enchanted
  • Fixed chores phrase names
  • Command kill no longer counts as murder
  • Added config flag to disable name tags
  • Fixed log spam regarding invalid bounding boxes
  • Fixed issues when assigning family in editor
  • Buildings now support modded chests
  • Villagers will now use your editor name
  • Fixed letter author and creative mode usage
  • Strengthened Grim Reaper
  • Added mod support for atmospheric, autumity, berry good, buzzier bees, environmental, neopolitan, and upgrade aquatic
  • Villager now recognize and estimate the value of every (modded) armor, tool, sword, bow and food as a gift (accuracy not guaranteed)


  • Experienced villagers no longer become guards
  • The king can assign archers and guards at will
  • Fixed king rank
  • Can no longer pickup teens
  • Fixed curing zombie villagers
  • Added missing translations
  • Added book of supporter
  • Fixed gift desaturation not working
  • Improved teleportation, especially when following the player
  • Fixed the pixel gap of headstones
  • Fixed sleeping villagers not waking up when moved around
  • Added letter of condolence
  • Fixed dimension issues with player and villager data
  • Added mail system, used to notify the player about the death of family members
  • Glass roofs are now supported
  • Added more jobless skins
  • Updated translations and fixed wrong variable syntax
  • Added some admin commands
  • Temporary disabled baby tracker
  • You can now trade with family
  • Fixed inventory duplication bug
  • Fixed deadlock in relation with reaper spawner
  • Villager marriages now respect player hearts
  • Fixed gifting golden apple not reducing by 1
  • Fixed crash when hovering over unmarried villagers marriage-symbol
  • Villagers will also update baby time
  • Fixed datapack crash on some system locales
  • Hopefully fixed stuck-at-sleeping issues after loading world
  • Adding a building will also look for graveyards to decrease player confusion


  • Fixed guards aggression towards mobs
  • Fixed profession change not always switching clothes
  • Added Family Tree item to search
  • Fixed crash
  • Fixed reaper summoning on some server


  • Fixed issue with natural breeding
  • Blueprint will now better display vertically stacked buildings
  • Villager preview in the editor is now animated
  • Fixed wasting charges on already reviving villagers
  • Fixed a crash
  • Fixed opposite gender bug
  • Fixed villager marrying relatives
  • Guards now attack mca zombie villagers
  • No more sliding baby zombie villagers
  • Slightly enhanced village boundary determination
  • Fixed uninitialized zombie villager babies
  • Fixed flower pots with flowers not being recognized
  • Lost babies can now be retrieved by the spouse
  • Fixed crash on dedicated server when using randomized baby name
  • Village will now interact with each other
  • Iron golems will now slap the villager when hit accidentally and then chill
  • Guards will now support their citizen and have a custom dialogue when the player is the attacker
  • Improved archer AI
  • Fixed villager getting stuck in doors
  • Guards no longer panic when a raid happens
  • A wiped-out village will only send a last, bigger bounty hunter wave
  • Added all items to recipe book
  • Reworked female villager model
  • Fixed a bunch of marriage issues caused on death
  • Spouse and parents can now be modified in the villager editor
  • Fixed guard spam
  • Rank Mayor can now make villagers guards or archers manually
  • If the Grim Reaper summoning fails, feedback on why is given
  • Villager are now silent by default, configurable
  • Villages can now be renamed
  • Unlocked King rank


  • Fixed widow icon
  • Player and villager marriage symbol now swapped
  • Taxes are initially set to 0%
  • Whistle recipe now requires gold instead of rose gold
  • Rings are no longer usable as gold ingots
  • Fixed a crash related to building detection
  • Integrated community re-shaded dna icon
  • Added Vegetarian trait
  • Fixed missing meat gift phrase
  • Replaced names by accurate database of babies born in the US in 2010
  • Fixed graves text for formatted names
  • Fixed reviving for villager died by height or void
  • When adopting, your spouse also becomes your children's mother
  • Decreased villager knockback
  • Fixed incorrect amount of bounty hunters
  • Added two more headstones
  • Fixed crash caused by zombie villagers on dedicated servers
  • Only player with merchant rank or higher will receive tax notifications
  • mca-admin commands no require op permission
  • Fixed smaller issues with building recognition
  • Automatic building scanning can now be disabled
  • Next to Buildings, you can now add more restrictive "rooms" instead in case your build is not recognized otherwise
  • Buildings can no longer intersect
  • If adding a building fails, a proper error message is now shown
  • Updating existing, intersected buildings work now
  • Fixed some villagers being confused on where they live
  • Fixed outdated translation variables
  • Setting the workplace makes them jobless for now, effectively causing them to look for a new job
  • You use both matchmaker rings now
  • Gifting cake works on every adult married villager
  • Buildings can now be marked as restricted, preventing villagers from moving in
  • Voice acting is now disabled by default
  • Fixed guards on duty randomly looking into the sky when talking to
  • Fixed at least one teleporting-away-while-following bug


  • Attempting to talk to a zombie won't prevent you from performing an action
  • Fixed interaction fatigue reset
  • Added Interaction and gift analysis
  • Overhauled gift desaturation.
    • Hearts reward will decrease, but won't drop below 0.
    • Desaturation uses a configurable exponential curve, slightly favoring awesome stuff.
    • Once a day by default, the villager forgets about the latest gift in the queue
  • Fixed "datapack" crash
  • Building tasks are now required to advance in ranks
  • Removed bed reserving, beds are searched on demand
  • Fixed villager-keep-following-you problem
  • Fixed greeting AI
  • Increase percentage of adult villagers
  • Fixed changing clothes of unemployed villagers
  • Increased frequency of marriage, births and guard spawns


  • Fixed Server crash
  • Fixed crash when setting clothes or haircut when playing on a server
  • Added config flag to disable voice acting
  • Fixed scythe loosing its charge on non-tombstones
  • Fixed staff of life charges
  • You can no longer adopt adults
  • Fixed grown-up message appearing after world join
  • Fixed building detection on certain coordinates
  • Fixed tall villagers being too tall to live
  • Fixed phrases not being translated on dedicated servers
  • Synced Translations


  • Fixed traits syncing issues and chance math
  • Fixed translation keys


  • Giant initial update. This list may have missing parts.
  • Added mca villager and zombie villager
  • Added genetics, personality, traits and mood
  • Added dialogue engine
    • Ported classic interactions
    • Added adoption
    • Added divorce and divorce papers
  • Added enhanced gifting
    • Has a saturation Queue
    • Respects villagers specific needs
  • Added wedding ring and engagement ring
  • Added Grim Reaper
  • Added graves, resurrection, Staff of Life and the Scythe
  • Added guards and archers
  • Added blueprint
    • Added village management
    • Added automatic building and village recognition
    • Added initial building types to extend village functions
    • Added rank, task system
  • Added taxes
  • Added chores
  • Added book with enhanced visuals
  • Added Advancements
  • Added Architecture to support Fabric and Forge
  • Added voice acting
  • Added initial translations┬┤

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