Minecraft Amplification and Revolutionizement Mod (MARM) for 1.9

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The Minecraft Amplification and Revolutionizement Mod (MARM) will amaze you with the way it completely changes Minecraft! From sabers to new armour, and healers to more redstone, this is a mod where anything is possible!


Modpack Licensing (Modpackers MUST read this to obtain my mod):

You can use my mod in your modpack, as long as it is NOT the following:


  • Behind a pay wall.
  • Behind an ad wall.
  • Paid in any way.
  • Without any credit to me (redcreeper14385 in Minecraft, noahk07 on CurseForge).
  • Without an option to change the language to English (if it is not already).


This is an open-source mod, so you can edit it and re-distribute it, as long as it is NOT breaking any of my rules (see Modpack Licensing).

*UPDATE* Unfortunately I have no source code for this mod, because I made it in MCreator.


Mod Features:  

Ultimate Metal:       

Ultimate Metal can be found anywhere underground in Ultimate Metal Ore. It is used for most the crafting recipes. It is not available in block form.

Ultimate Metal Ore:

This is the ore counterpart of Ultimate Metal. It will drop itself and requires smelting to obtain Ultimate Metal.

Ultimate Metal Plate:

Ultimate Metal Plates are made of 9 Ultimate Metal. These are also useful in crafting recipes.

 Redstone Component:

Redstone Components are made in the following way:


  • 1 redstone in the top centre.
  • 1 Ultimate Metal Plate in the centre.
  • 1 redstone in the bottom centre.

They are used for most mechanisms in this mod.


A saber is a weapon which has three different levels. To craft a level one saber, you need:


  • 1 Ultimate Metal in the top centre.
  • 1 Redstone Component in the centre.
  • 1 stick in the bottom centre.

To upgrade a saber, you put the saber in the centre of a crafting table and surround it with Ultimate Metal. This will work each and every time.


The damage they do are as follows:


  • Level One = 5 Health Points (2.5 Hearts)
  • Level Two = 7 Health Points (3.5 Hearts)
  • Level Three = 10 Health Points (5 Hearts)


Healers are blocks that will heal you when you power it with redstone. Even if you are niles away, this will still heal you automatically when it is powered with redstone in some way. It is crafted by putting a Redstone Component in the centre of a crafting table and surrounding it with Ultimate Metal Plates.

 Thanks for reading the description, hope you enjoy!


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