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Filename Minechem-1.6.4-5.0.5.FINAL.jar
Uploaded by jakimfett
Uploaded Sep 21, 2014
Game Version 1.6.4
Size 1.35 MB
Downloads 19,436
MD5 fd14166ff62e11701978c468976980f2
Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 7


Unless I get reports of world-breaking bugs, this is the last 1.6.4 release of Minechem. It is considered stable and ready for use on any and all servers.

Known Issues:
Magic Crops decomposition sometimes gives way too much output, see issue #104 for more info. 

Add minecraft versions to build name — jakimfett
Fix conflict with fission help tab — jakimfett
Updating the uranium texture — jakimfett
Add option to disable uranium crafting — jakimfett
Standardize the config option names — jakimfett
Fix indentation — jakimfett
Add settings for ore density and cluster size — jakimfett
Adjust oreGen defaults — jakimfett
Fix oregen code, add vars from config — jakimfett
Add recipe to craft Minechem uranium from other mod uranium — jakimfett
Update MinechemGeneration.java — machacker9000
Applying Mandrake's diamond block fix to the 1.6.4 branch — jakimfett
Warn player when placing chem storage — jakimfett