Mine Mine no Mi

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Filename Mine Mine no Mi - 1.7.10 - 0.3.1.jar
Uploaded by WyndFTWz
Uploaded Jun 19, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10   +1
Size 10.34 MB
Downloads 2,380
MD5 65c937ed449a5b52cf03aa955038b0fd
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  • [NEW] New Config file
    • A new 'mineminenomi.cfg' file should be generated (but please delete the old one)
    • Options :
      • Enable/Disable stat resets after death
        • 'full' - all stats are kept after death
        • 'auto' (default) - only a few stats are kept after death (faction, race, job)
        • 'none' - all stats are reseted after death
      • Enable/Disable ship spawns
        • Rate at which ships will spawn (1 by default) - spawn multiplier (a value of 2 would mean double the spawn rate)
      • Enable/Disable devil fruit drops from leaves (disabled by default)
        • Chance for DFs to drop from leaves (1 by default, possible values between 0%-100%)
      • Enable/Disable logia invulnerability
      • Enable/Disable extra hearts
      • Enable/Disable telemetry data being send
      • Enable/Disable update message
      • Enable/Disable FOV modifiers
  • [NEW] Polish translations by Ezequiel
  • [NEW] Spanish translations by Abelatox
  • [NEW] Removed the extreme FOV modifiers that occur when slowness/speed potions are applied (can be enabled back in the config)
  • [NEW] New random textures for pirates and marines
  • [NEW] (Client-Sided Only for now) Custom hand renderer during zoan transformations and while busoshoku haki is active
  • [NEW] New particle effects for certain abilities (more to come)
  • [NEW] Added crafting recipes for most items (except for weapons)
  • [NEW] New hearts UI
    • The hearts behave like a health bar from 0 to 20 (maximum is 100 at max doriki), the number of visible hearts will not increase
    • The number on it's right will indicate the actual health in numbers
  • [NEW] A new comamnd to remove devil fruit effects (and abilities) : /removedf [player]
  • [NEW] Suna Suna no Mi
    • Sables
      • added back with the same functionality as before
      • added some new particle effects when successfully hitting the target
    • Ground Death - added new particle effect
  • [NEW] Kage Kage no Mi
    • Doppelman - added back, but still WIP
  • [NEW] Hie Hie no Mi
    • Ice Saber - added back
    • Hie Hie no Mi users will generate normal ice blocks beneth their feet when walking on water
  • [NEW] Pika Pika no Mi
    • Ama no Murakumo - added back
  • [NEW] Yuki Yuki no Mi
    • Tabira Yuki - added back
  • [NEW] Goro Goro no Mi
    • Volt Vari - added back
  • [NEW] Doru Doru no Mi
    • Doru Doru Arts : Ken - added back
  • [NEW] Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model Bison
    • Power Point
    • the following abilities can only be used while this form is active !
      • Fiddle Banff - a powerful dash with incredible speed, slashing the enemies in your path
      • Kokutei Cross - punches the enemy with incredible strenght (and a little knockback for the user as well)
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Mera Mera no Mi
    • Dai Enkai : Entei
      • [NEW] added some new particle effects during charge time
      • [CHANGED] raised the charging time before shooting the projectile (1.5s → 3s)
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Doku Doku no Mi
    • [NEW] Venom Demon - any mob hit while in this form will recieve a massive poison effect
    • [CHANGED] Doku Fugu - changed the projectile frequency (6 → 27, fewer projectiles)
    • [CHANGED] Doku Doku no Mi users will no longer leave a poison trail while in human form, this trail will only occur only during the Venom Demon transformation
    • [CHANGED] New poison type (demon poison) has stronger effects, replaces the old poison for trailing
    • [CHANGED] Both poison blocks now have a timer before they dissapear
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Ope Ope no Mi
    • [NEW] MES - added back with the same functionality as before
    • [CHANGED] Room - using the ability while room is present will remove it
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Nikyu Nikyu no Mi
    • [NEW] Hanpatsu - acts like the old Pad Ho, any mob hit with the hand (while this ability is active) will be send flying in a random direction
    • [NEW] Tsuppari Pad Ho - launches a barrage of Pad Ho projectiles
    • [CHANGED] Pad Ho - changed to a projectile based attack (entities hit by this will still be sent flying in a random direction)
    • [CHANGED] New icons for all abilities
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Noro Noro no Mi
    • [NEW] Kyubi Rush - damage starts from 2 (1 heart) and is based on the movement debuff applied by Noro Noro Beam (higher the debuff, higher the damage), each time this ability hits the target the movement debuff will be halved
    • [NEW] Noro Noro Beam Sword - added back
    • [CHANGED] Noro Noro Beam
      • the movement debuff now stacks with each hit
      • lowered the time of the debuff (20s → 10s)
      • raised the cooldown (4s → 5s)
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Fishman Karate
    • [NEW] Kachiage Haisoku - deals heavy damage while underwater (10 damage on land, 40 damage underwater), triggered using the punch
    • [CHANGED] Soshark - raised the damage (15 → 25)
  • [NEW] / [CHANGED] Mobs
    • [NEW] Captain Morgan
    • [CHANGED] raised the doriki gained by killing normal marines/pirates (3 → 10)
    • [CHANGED] raised the doriki gained by killing marine/pirate captains (5 → 12)
  • [CHANGED] Rokushiki Abilities
    • Shigan
      • changed into a passive, damage is triggered when hitting an enemy
      • raised the damage dealth (15 → 20)
  • [CHANGED] Goe Goe no Mi
    • Todoroki - lowered the frequency of spawned projectiles (6 → 120, WAY FEWER PROJECTILES)
  • [CHANGED] Gasu Gasu no Mi
    • Gas Robe - new particles
    • Blue Sword - added back
  • [CHANGED] Bari Bari no Mi
    • Barrier - Raised the time before barrier blocks will disappear (1.5s → 3.5s)
  • [CHANGED] Moku Moku no Mi
    • White Out
      • lowered the damage (10 → 5)
      • stuns the enemies for 10 seconds on impact
      • changed the projectile frequency (6 → 15, fewer projectiles)
    • White Snake
      • raised the damage (15 → 30)
      • applies a 5 second poison effect on impact
  • [CHANGED] Gomu Gomu no Mi
    • Major rework for this fruit, gear abilities are now separated and passive but you can only activate 1 at the time
    • For the other abilities, based on what gear is active at the time you will use the appropriate version of that attack
    • Please check the wiki page for more info about damage/cooldown values
  • [CHANGED] Haki Abilities
    • Busoshoku Haki - while active you can deal damage based on your doriki by punching enemies
  • [CHANGED] Extra hearts will now be awarded for each 100 doriki (starting from 2000 doriki onwards)
  • [CHANGED] A debug message will be displayed in the chat (client-sided only) if the command is succesful (also use '/help doriki/belly/bounty' to see the proper way of using these commands)
  • [CHANGED] Increased the spawn rate of ships due to popular demand
  • [CHANGED] Flintlocks now have a 0.5s cooldown between shots
  • [CHANGED] During Kenbunshoku Haki an arrow will show the general direction of your target
  • [CHANGED] Changed the formula for doriki limitation (thanks to FGpisces for his forumla)
  • [CHANGED] The 'abilities list' UI now have a scroll bar for easier use when multiple fruits are eaten


  • Players without a logia fruit will now recieve normal damage from explosions
  • Having more than 16 abilities will no longer crash the game
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when hitting an entity with an enchanted weapon
  • Flintlocks will no longer stack
  • Marines/Pirates with Guns will no longer deal damage to logias
  • Abilities can no longer be activated while underwater, near kairoseki blocks or while having kairoseki-based items in your inventory
  • Fixed a rare bug that occured when using /doriki command where the user would recieve the same rokushiki ability multiple times
  • Logia users can now be damaged by any mob (or player) while being near kairoseki blocks or having kairoseki-based items
  • Players should no longer recieve fall damage after using abilities like Geppo or Sora no Michi
  • Minor bug fixes