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Filename Mine and Slash-1.14.4-2.9.4.jar
Uploaded by mcrobertx22
Uploaded Dec 17, 2019
Game Version Forge
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try fix wand crash
updated to latest forge
fix bug where time counts out for dimensions if you set their map tier to more than 0
lang update
updated to latest forge and curios
fixed open gl error spam hopefully
tweaked structure world gen code in maps a bit
updated chinese and korean lang
tweaked some profession costs
fixed crash on recall potion
updated chinese lang
updated some textures from clinton!
new item in alchemy station adds reset talent points. Right clicking a talent removes them if you have points

should fix talents crashing on servers


WARNING: Please delete mmorpg-common config or just delete the base stats and rarity droprates parts, otherwise you'll have troubles playing!


Pressing *J* opens the talent tree. You can pick 4 locations to start with, which determine your speciality.
I call them mage, thief, guardian and warrior.

The tree is huge and every start point branches to the other. Although you need to spend some points to traverse it.

Mages specialize in mana, spell dmg and magic shield.
Thiefs in dodge, crits, energy and penetration.
Guardians in hp and defenses.
Warrior in phys dmg and crits.

To go along the big talent update, i added a few cool trait stats. Stuff like blood mage, which transforms your mana bar into a blood bar and such.

updated to latest forge and curios. v40 and v1.02

updated many stats to have icons for stat gui and talents gui.
added ondmgevent
added ele wep dmg stat.
some optimizations
dodge transformed into dodge rating. now scales to lvl
added magic shield stat
mana and mana regen now scales to lvl. This is in preparation for cool stuff like "your mana takes dmg instead of your hp"
good news is this is another stat that scales to lvl, meaning finding new higher lvl gear will be much more rewarding!
made mobs a tiny bit stronger cus players now have 125 talent points at max lvl.
as talents introduced a lot more stats, stat requirements now scale harder a bit
runes now have magic shield and dodge as chance for their stats
added 2 new runewords for magic shield users
alchemy single use potions now give 3 pots per craft instead of 1
energy now scales to lvl like mana
torches can roll magic shield regen
fixed spells not scaling correctly
spell dmg is no longer randomized
stat pick gui now shows what stats do
spells are costlier but more efficient
core stats now show exactly how much other stats they give currently
wisdom no longer gives hp regen and energy regen
new map types
runes and maps should be more likely to drop in higher rarities now

Warning though, i bet there will be bugs, and balance problems.
There will also be a lack of mage related unique items and affixes. Which i intend to fill in soon.

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