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Filename millenaire-1.12.2-7.2.1.jar
Uploaded by Kinniken
Uploaded Jun 10, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 9.87 MB
Downloads 394,326
MD5 36f891a6c36322dcc92042d83faecd43
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Banners for Millénaire villages! Every village now has a random banner to display in its town hall and other key buildings, plus a culture-specific banner to go with it. Thanks to everybody who contributed!
- 26 custom banner patterns in total for the various cultures. Items to make them can be purchased from villages.
- Many reworked Inuit buildings by felinoel
- New Panthéon model by HeimrArnadalr
- Some reworked Norman lone buildings by HeimrArnadalr
- Fixed a path rendering error
- Fixed a bug that could occur when children grow up
- Fixed missing text for Sadhu parchment
- Fixed bugs where large chests would randomly not close and locked chests could disappear when at the edge of the screen
- Technical rework of how Millénaire chests work that should improve compatibility with other mods
- Added support for flowerpots in buildings
- Fixed a bug where some custom buildings would not produce some goods (for example, the custom Norman armoury not producing armour)
- Reduced the speed at which villagers fire arrows
- Increased the Gros Bourg's village radius
- Full Spanish translation
- Significant updates to Czech, Russian, German and Portuguese translations