Millénaire Extended: Maya

21,375 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

You are allowed to use this mod for a modpack as long as you are not selling it!

Millénaire Extended: Maya adds new items, blocks and other content to the mayan culture of the Millénaire mod in a very immersive way by adding content where it makes sense. This contains both vanilla items and blocks as well as modded ones from, for example, Tinker's Construct. This gives players more ways to interact with Millénaire villages. Ever dreamed of Mayan Villages building their very own Tinker's Construct smeltery? Say no more with Millénaire Extended!

- over 50 new items and blocks to trade with
- adding 5 new blueprints (1 new building) for Millénaire
- over 30 new activities for the miner, armourer and tinkerer
- your not so very own smeltery within millenaire villages

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