Milk Plus



Milk+ is a Fabric/Quilt mod for Minecraft that adds new interactions with milk.

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milk items

  • Milk buckets can be placed. They will be placed when looking at a block and not crouching, otherwise they will be drank.
  • Standing in fluid milk removes all status effects as if you drank it.
  • Fluid milk will grow dripstone, and dripstone with milk above it will fill cauldrons.
  • Milk can be put into cauldrons.
    • Milk bottles can be made by removing milk from a cauldron using glass bottles. Milk bottles remove 1 random status effect when drank.
      • Milk bottles can be brewed into lingering and splash milk bottles in the same way as any other potion. They clear all status effects.
    • Dyable items will be dyed white when used on a milk cauldron.
    • Milk tipped arrows.
      • Craft them with a lingering milk bottle surrounded by arrows,
      • Or use arrows on a milk cauldron,
      • Or shoot arrows through fluid milk!
  • Milk soup. Does the same thing as a milk bottle. Milk bottle + bowl.

Milk demonstration: https://youtu.be/m5A8n1gZaew