Middle-Earth Thaumaturgy

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All Contents in 0.4.0



- Add 38 aspects to fit the Middle-Earth view and registered aspects on LotR items.
- Add wands that auto generate vis depends on your alignments.
- Add 3 type of warded jars that can contain large amount of essentia.
- Add handheld crafter that can access every faction's table.
- Add Powerful Bookshelf for Inventarium if Automagy loaded.
- Add some title scroll if Traveller's Gear loaded.

- Add powerful wands of each fuctions if Thaumic Tinkerer loaded.


Aspect list now available on GitHub wiki.


- The Lord of the Rings Mod
- Thaumcraft 4 (and Baubles)
- Automagy(Optional)
- Traveller's Gear(Optional)

- Thaumic Tinkerer(Optional)


Planned Features

- Add ways to get title scrolls
- Add more powerful wand (High cost)
- Add Foci that can summon NPCs
- Add way to obtain Nether Star, so you can get it only in the Middle-Earth
- All Thaumcraft contents are able to access in the Middle-Earth (Low priority)


You can see the recipes in Thaumonomicon or NEI.
I'm not good at English, so if you notice typos or wrong expressions, please report it to GitHub issue tracker.

Feel free to use any modpack.




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