Metal Crops


 A farming mod, that adds crops for all the different type of metals added by Vanilla Minecraft and all MMD Metal mods.


To get started you need to find Metallic Ore, can be found between level 0 - 96.

Once you have found Metallic Ores go ahead and smelt them to get Metallic ingots.

Use Metalic Ingots to craft a Metallic Hoe then use it to make Metallic Farmland by right clicking dirt blocks.

To craft the different seeds you need to make Metallic seeds wich can be crafted by placing Metallic Ingots in a crafting table.

Seeds can only be planted on Metallic Farmland blocks.



Crops added for these MMD Mods:

Base Metalshttps://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/base-metals

Modern Metals: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/modern-metals

Base Gems: Coming Soon

Base Minerals: Coming Soon

Fantasy Metals: Coming Soon


Crops Base:

  • Metallic Crop
  • Gold Crop
  • Iron Crop
  • Coal Crop 
  • Lapis Lazuli Crop
  • Diamond Crop
  • Redstone Crop 
  • Emerald Crop 

Crops -  Base Metals:

  •  Adamantine Crop 
  • Antimony Crop 
  • Aquarium Crop
  • Bismuth Crop
  • Copper Crop
  • Cold Iron Crop
  • Lead Crop
  • Nickel Crop
  • Mercury Crop
  • Star Steel Crop
  • Tin Crop
  • Zinc Crop

Crops Modern Metals:

  • Aluminum Crop
  • Cadmium Crop
  • Chromium Crop
  • Iridium Crop
  • Magnesium Crop
  • Manganese Crop
  • Osmium Crop
  • Plutonium Crop
  • Rutile Crop
  • Tantalum Crop
  • Tungsten Crop
  • Uranium Crop
  • Zirconium Crop


  • Metallic Farmland - Used to plant crops
  • Metallic Hoe - Used to get Metalic Farmland
  • Metallic Ore - spawns between level 0-96
  • Metallic Ingot - Crafting Item
  • Metallic Powder - Crafting Item
  • Metallic Rod - Crafting Item


  • Metallic Ore spawns only in the Overworld
  • For ores settings use the config file located under the /orespawn/metalliccrops  (Orespawn 1.x)
  • For ores settings use the config file located under the /config/orespawn/metalliccrops   (Orespawn 2.x)
  • For General Settings use the config file located under /config/MetallicCrops








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