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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



The mod has been updated. The new version fixes many bugs. Things have been removed and things have been added. Crafting recipes have also completely changed.



Let's begin...


  • A Moonring gives 50 hearts damage.
  • A Trident gives 80 hearts damage. And can set blocks on fire.
  • You need to put Mooncoal in a crafting table to get Moonringpower (Shapeless crafting).
  • You need Moonringpower to use a Moonring/Trident.
  • The MoonTool can break any block at a faster rate. No more waiting! (can't break bedrock)
  • Fish spawn in the ocean. They're peaceful and they drop raw fish when killed.
  • SeaShells spawn on beaches. go find them!
  • MoonOre can be cooked in a furnace to get Mooncoal. MoonOre is easy to find.
  • MoonCoal can be used as fuel or to create Moonblocks.
  • MoonDimension has been added. Create a portal with Moonblocks.
  • Cook a Seashell in a furnace to get a pearl. A pearl can be used to ignite a MoonPortal.
  • Moonflowers are just flowers nothing special...for now.






[1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] Released



MermaidCraft is a Minecraft Mod created by RobotSimmer.

It's inspired by the Tv-Shows "H20 Just Add Water" and "Mako Mermaids"

This mod contains (Moonrings,seashells,Fish and  a whole new dimension!)







1. Download the [1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] Jar file. 
2. Download and install the latest version of Forge [1.7.10]

3. Drag and drop the [1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] file into your mods folder.

4. You're Done!


 Can i add this to my modpack?

- Yes, Make sure to credit the creator of this mod. 


Will you add  1.8/1.10/1.11.2?

- I'm currently working on 1.7.10 but you can vote for the next version on this poll.

 Click me to Vote.


Will you add a tail?

- I have no idea on how to override the players model. However You can use these mods to get a tail.

 Mermaid Tail Mod by Pau101 Click Me

 MorePlayerModels by Noppes Click me


Can you please add this...

- Comment down below if you want anything added to the mod.




Known Bugs

- Zombie Pigmen horde spawning at  theMoonportal.

- Seashells Moving.

(I will try to fix this)



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