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The mod has been updated. The new version fixes many bugs. Things have been removed and things have been added. Crafting recipes have also completely changed.



Let's begin...


  • A Moonring gives 50 hearts damage.
  • A Trident gives 80 hearts damage. And can set blocks on fire.
  • You need to put Mooncoal in a crafting table to get Moonringpower (Shapeless crafting).
  • You need Moonringpower to use a Moonring/Trident.
  • The MoonTool can break any block at a faster rate. No more waiting! (can't break bedrock)
  • Fish spawn in the ocean. They're peaceful and they drop raw fish when killed.
  • SeaShells spawn on beaches. go find them!
  • MoonOre can be cooked in a furnace to get Mooncoal. MoonOre is easy to find.
  • MoonCoal can be used as fuel or to create Moonblocks.
  • MoonDimension has been added. Create a portal with Moonblocks.
  • Cook a Seashell in a furnace to get a pearl. A pearl can be used to ignite a MoonPortal.
  • Moonflowers are just flowers nothing special...for now.






[1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] Released



MermaidCraft is a Minecraft Mod created by RobotSimmer.

It's inspired by the Tv-Shows "H20 Just Add Water" and "Mako Mermaids"

This mod contains (Moonrings,seashells,Fish and  a whole new dimension!)







1. Download the [1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] Jar file. 
2. Download and install the latest version of Forge [1.7.10]

3. Drag and drop the [1.7.10]MermaidCraft[V2] file into your mods folder.

4. You're Done!


 Can i add this to my modpack?

- Yes, Make sure to credit the creator of this mod. 


Will you add  1.8/1.10/1.11.2?

- I'm currently working on 1.7.10 but you can vote for the next version on this poll.

 Click me to Vote.


Will you add a tail?

- I have no idea on how to override the players model. However You can use these mods to get a tail.

 Mermaid Tail Mod by Pau101 Click Me

 MorePlayerModels by Noppes Click me


Can you please add this...

- Comment down below if you want anything added to the mod.




Known Bugs

- Zombie Pigmen horde spawning at  theMoonportal.

- Seashells Moving.

(I will try to fix this)



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