Menethis's Zombie Apocalypse Support

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This mod aims to accompany players in the modpack "Menethis's Zombie Apocalypse" Modpack

It adds achievements and modifies the loot tables so that deleted and useful resources are obtainable.


It is created to work with lost cities. This mod will not work properly without the modpack, do not download it alone, or you must modify the config files yourself.


  • We don't like zombies... : Kill 100 Zombies
  • We not afraid of zombies. : Kill 500 Zombies
  • Be afraid, zombies ! : Kill 1 000 Zombies
  • Zombie Destroyer !! : Kill 5 000 Zombies
  • Is this cheating ? : Kill the Ender Dragon (This unlock a command to get all the impossible to do advancements)

Loot tables


  • Rotten flesh
  • Zombie head
  • Gunpowder
  • Iron nugget
  • Gold nugget
  • Enderpearl


  • Bone
  • Skeleton head
  • Red dye
  • Black dye
  • Grey dye


(For MrCrayfish's Gun Mod)
  • Ammo chest
  • Material chest
  • Weapon chest


Modpack : Menethis's Zombie Apocalypse



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