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Memes and craft



This mod is full of memes and funny stuff, they are everywhere and are not always good for you, try to catch them all !

There are new items, paintings, entities, and blocks for you to discover:

Meme block

Like a lucky block, but it drop memes and random stuff



A peacefull, strong and handsome man that will never attack people unless you hurt him.


-Doom slayer

A dangerous man that is too angry to die, he spawn in the nether and will rip and tear any hostile creature he will encounter.



Nothing more than a little purple thing, upon death he drops purple concrete.



He is gona give you a bad time, he dodge any range attacks and can kill you really fast.


-Duolingo bird

You forget your spanish lesson, you are now doomed ! Upon death he will drop an iron sword.




A fast creature that don't like you,he spawn in sunflower plains and drop rings that can be smelt for gold.


-John Cena

He spawn in fighting ring that generate in the world, upon death he will drop some "Bing chiling"  


- Wise mystical tree

A wise and mystical tree that you can encounter in oak forest


-UNO card

The most powerfull weapon in the universe, punch a mob with it to reverse his existence or right click on a block to delete it



The strongest material, it can mine any type of block and can't be destroyed by lava


-H*rny doggo

This cool doggo will save h*rny people with a BONK, upon death he will give you the BONK, 



This man will spawn in savana biome and will turn into a car if struck by a lightning, upon death he give you money that can be used in wandering trader's trades



If you don't know what is it, it's just a 2D picture that will follow you everywhere to kill you


Buff pufferfish


A big pufferfish that will... poison himself when touched, he spawn in warm sea / ocean


Demonic little gray cat

A small cat that spawn in the nether arena, he will attack you after ou attack him

In phase1, he can put ou on fire for 5 seconds, give you slowness, and launch you in the lava

In phase2, he will remove your positive effects after every damage and has a small chance to put you on fire or give you slowness

Upon death, he drops a lot of xp, a nether star, and summon a bunch of cats 

And a lot more ! 

-Play in creative to test everything, not every feature can be accessed in survival (For the moment)
-This is a work in progress, it's not finished and can contain bugs
-The music are not by me, the original artist is in the disc's description
-Please, don't spam in the comment for an other version

-No fabric port are planned for the moment
-Have fun or shrek will be angry !


You can also dowload this mod on planet minecraft if you want