Melvin's Simple Sign pack [MTS/IV]

61,751 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 9, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod has the following requirements:


Minecraft Transport Simulator V12.0 or above (Or Immersive Vehicles as it is called now)

Minecraft Transport Simulator Official vehicle pack V08 or above


This mod adds hundreds of special signs from the old mod Road Stuff to the Minecraft Transport Simulator (Immersive vehicles now) mod for 1.12.2!

There are a few signs left out because otherwise I had to code and edit 600 signs.


If you want European/Slovak signs (also multipart signs), I recommend Tim3Game's European Sign Pack.


NOTE! The pack is out of beta, which means it should be completely useable. Use the 'issues' section if you have any issues with my pack. It should be usable as-is.



V0.1.0 Added 68 Rectangular Signs.


V0.0.5 Added all the remaing Diamond Signs


V0.0.4 Added diamond signs 31 to 60




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