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Filename Mekanism-1.16.4-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Nov 2, 2020
Game Version 1.16.4
Size 9.33 MB
Downloads 515,196
MD5 5a3738146356d78d34d93414ea158b91
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Java 8
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b05e24d - Update extra.png
fc10af0 - Only allow the nutritional liquifier to consume foods that would produce paste #6659
2a77729 - Adjust xp smelting amounts to be more inline with vanilla, turns out different ores have different xp amounts they produce and I was basing it off of a different one than I intended to
adc9a6f - Various fixes to transmitter/transporter networks - Fix network reader counting multiple connections to the same block as one acceptor when they may have different inventories so should all be counted separately - Fix upgrade data for logistical transporters not properly copying transporter stack reference data and thus causing it to get stuck because it thinks there is no room as it doesn't properly remove in transit stacks when they finish transferring #6660 - Cleanup some code related to upgrading transmitters
31fc74b - Cleanup build.gradle, update some deps, and fix all jar not properly merging tags (#6661)
8789f61 - Fix not registering our configured features because apparently there is a vanilla registry for them that we need to register to so that they don't potentially cause issues for other mods
9df9cf8 - Improve accuracy of using amount on energy tab #6658
d83f136 - Update mappings
f63a67f - Improve multiblock formation error messages for fission reactors #6663
1661cc6 - add AE2 ender dust crushing recipe
7dfb437 - Improvements to TransporterManager so that if it is sending to two different sides of the same block and they have "different" inventories then it doesn't exit early so can start sending items to the second inventory without waiting for the first inventory to finish transferring. For example sending enriched redstone and iron ingots from a chest into a metallurgic infuser. Also updated some docs and slightly reorganized the order of a few things in the TransporterManager
78e9416 - Finish implementing dispenser support for fluid tanks in bucket mode so that we can have "smarter" logic than the forge one uses once it is eventually fixed
5a6b895 - Fix the laser and flame thrower not being able to hit things like sugarcane or kelp
21c2144 - Override createSpawn packet for baby mobs, it worked without it because of the similarities in the spawn packet, but using forge's helper is safer and will make it so that if we want to add extra data we can easily
4d79d69 - Update README
2eedb85 - Fix having accidentally broken grabbing properties for user info
c331d7b - Fix logistical transporters not properly removing their stacks from being en-route to a destination from the transporter manager, and then causing issues that it thinks there are more en-route stacks than there really are
46a75e4 - Force run datagen by locally reverting mapping update so that AE2 doesn't crash during datagen
e28c810 - Deduplicate a bit of code between baby mobs and fix the eye height of baby creepers and endermen being slightly off
e26311c - Remove unused and not properly working experimental slope methods from VoxelShapeUtils as we can always look at git if we end up needing them for some reason
d5fa1d9 - Deduplicate some code and comment out a debug output from the all jar merger
825a475 - Fix some things causing re-equip animations that shouldn't be, and adjust how energy capabilities are set on some items so that they more likely to properly update when a config changes at runtime
33a142b - Limit some rate bars that could draw past their max element space in specific conditions
c4b7f44 - Add example of what a modid is #6674
524b6cf - Bump min forge version to 34.1.40 to ensure that we don't get blamed for other mods having bad code and crashing
0397a17 - Update dev version of forge and adjust our model data generation for buckets to use forge's model builder instead of our hacked together limited one
9efa0d0 - Update to 1.16.4, maintaining support for now with 1.16.3, until we need something from forge that is new to the 1.16.4 version. The name of the jars will still only specify 1.16.4, but they will also work on 1.16.3
a65a51e - Adjust world generation config handling to be more dynamic and not require a full restart for values to be updated or changed such as enabling or disabling an ore, and make the top and bottom offsets configurable again. While in theory this allows for changing the values of the world config at runtime, it is still definitely recommended to not have the server or a world running while making changes
b66ea13 - New Crowdin updates (#6667)
7c39b91 - Bump version to 10.0.16
a01c7fa - Fix me being dumb and only updating the loader version range in the main mods.toml causing the other modules to not work properly
0a5b5d6 - Fix maven publishing url
6062ede - Bump version to 10.0.17
0287e5f - Actually fix maven upload url

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